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"The Jackal" is the supposed antagonist in Far Cry 2. He is an arms dealer who is smuggling weapons into the country and selling them to both UFLL and APR factions. The backstory of the game names him as one of the reasons why hostilities between the factions has re-erupted into deadly violence. The game introduces the protagonist as an operative sent to find The Jackal and eliminate him, however, right when the player arrives in the country he falls ill from Malaria and passes out. Upon waking up the player meets The Jackal for the first time, who speaks briefly before leaving the protagonist alive to fend for himself.

Although The Jackal figures prominently as a plot point early in the game, he is seldom seen and remains a mystery during the majority of the unfolding story. Jackal "recordings" which contain some of The Jackal's voice recorded notes reveal more about his character, which along with his actions when the protagonist does come face to face with him, paints a picture that is at odds with his reputation as a ruthless arms dealer profiting from arms sales to both sides of the war.

Later, at the end of the game, there is some allusion to the fact that The Jackal may in fact have been a former government operative, just like the protagonist - except that his experience has left him jaded and lead him to follow a path of his own choosing. The game ends with the player not being sure what happens to The Jackal.

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