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Release Date(s) 01-10-2000
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Fold for Neoseeker! (team ID 53701)

[edit] What is [email protected]?

[email protected] is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. This project helps scientists further understand how proteins work, and why they may sometimes misfold.

[edit] What is Protein Folding?

Before a protein can carry out any of its vital roles within out bodies, they must first assemble themselves. This is the process which is called folding. However, while this folding process is critical to virtually all of biology, it still remains a mystery in many ways. The fact that it is still such a mystery to scientists means that understanding why many of todays diseases occur, would seem impossible. Such diseases include, but are in no way restricted to, Alzheimer's, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's Disease, and many cancers.

[edit] How Can You Help?

You can help scientists by simply running a small piece of software which uses your unused system resources to simulate the behavior of proteins. The purpose of [email protected] is to create one global super computer, in an effort to immensely accelerate the study of this area of biology. Several nanoseconds of protein simulation can take a long time to study, and hence, a distributed computing project would be the best way to go about the analysis of these proteins.

[edit] Teams:

As an individual, a dedicated folder wont be ranked that high among the list of donors. However, as a team, the members can all contribute, and thus the team would be ranked higher than one person alone. These teams create competition amongst other folding teams, which is beneficial, as it allows further progress of work units. Neoseeker has a team set up (number 53701), with several active members folding.

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