Categories are an important part of any Wiki, but their usage is a bit different on WikiGuides.neo than on most other NeoWikis. This page outlines those differences, but it does not go into detail about how categories work. For that, see Help:Categories at MediaWiki.

Categorizing Pages

First of all, when you place {{Auto}} on a subpage with the title format of Game Name/Page Name, the page will automatically be categorized into Category:Game Name, so you don't have to do that manually.

To place the page into an additional game-specific category, you should use the Cat parameter of Template:Auto. For example, to place a page located at Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors into Category:Mirror's Edge/Characters, you would use this code:


For placing a page into multiple game-specific categories, you are still using the Cat parameter, but you can list them out with commas. For example, to place a page located at Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors into both Category:Mirror's Edge/Characters and Category:Mirror's Edge/Protagonists, you would use this code:

{{Auto|Cat=Characters, Protagonists}}

By separating the categories with commas, you may place the page in up to 10 game-specific categories, but you should never really need that many anyway.

Linking To Categories

To link to game-specific categories, you should use Template:Cat. Here's the basic syntax:

{{Cat|:Category Name|Link Name}}

Replace Category Name with the game-specific name of the category. Link Name is how the text of the link will appear on the page, but it has no bearing on where the link actually goes. The link name is totally optional, so you only need to specify it if you're not satisfied with the default link name.

For example, to link to Category:Mirror's Edge/Characters from Mirror's Edge or a subpage of Mirror's Edge (e.g., Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors), you would use simply Characters in place of Category Name. Like this:


The text of the link would be "Category:Characters", so if you wanted it to simply say "Characters", you would use this code:


Also, to link to a game's main category, use the following code:


For example, to link to Category:Mirror's Edge from Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors, you would use simply {{Cat|:/}}.

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