Subpages are an integral part of WikiGuides.neo, but the concept can be difficult to understand for newcomers. In short, Subpages introduce hierarchical organization within wiki pages, with levels of hierarchy separated by slashes (/).[1] On WikiGuides.neo, subpages are used to organize all pages for a hub. For instance, the page about "Faith Connors" in the game "Mirror's Edge" wouldn't be at Faith Connors, but it would be created as a subpage Mirror's Edge, which would be Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors.


How They Work

Slashes (/) within a page name break the page into parent and subpages, recursively. That is, placing a slash (/) in a page name doesn't merely affect how the page title looks, but it creates a hierarchy very similar to the folder-like directories on most operating systems. Help:Subpages/Subpage is a "subpage" of Help:Subpages, yet it can be edited as a completely separate page.

Every subpage will have a link back to the nearest parent page, but only if the parent page has been created.

Creating Subpages

Whenever you want to create a page for some aspect of a game (e.g., a person, place, weapon, idea), it will be a subpage of the game's main Hub Page. In fact, nearly every page you create will be a subpage. The only exception would be a Hub page.

Before you create a subpage for a game, you must first decide what game it's going to cover. Then, you need to decide what you would call it if you were working on a NeoWiki. Once you know both those pieces of information, type the game's name, a slash (/), and the page's name (if this was a NeoWiki) into the search bar on the left side of the page, and press "Go" or "Search". If the page does not exist, the resulting search page will say "You searched for [Link]" at the top. To go to the page's edit page, you may click that link. Alternatively, you may simply type the same thing into your browser's address bar right after the /wiki/ part of the URL and you will be taken to the page, at which time you may click the "Create" tab to reach its edit page.

Example Procedure: If this was a NeoWiki for Mirror's Edge and I wanted to create a page for the character named "Faith Connors", I would likely create it at Faith Connors. Since this is WikiGuides.neo, not MirrorsEdge.neo, I would type Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors into the search bar to find the page.

Once on the subpage's edit page, the first thing you should type is {{Auto}} (see Template:Auto). After that, pretty much everything else is the same as you would see on a NeoWiki page.

Renaming Subpages

We all know that slashes in a page name don't always look very appealing. For instance, "Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors" is rather unattractive. Placing {{Auto}} on the page will, among other things, automatically rename the displayed page title to everything after the first slash (e.g., "Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors" → "Faith Connors"), though the page is still in the same location. If you still desire to further rename the page, there are two ways to do that:

  1. Move the page to a new location.
  2. Use special code to change what the page's title looks like without truly moving the page.

Only Staff Members have the ability to actually move pages themselves, but you can use Template:Move to flag to the Staff that you would like the page to be moved, and they will do it as soon as possible, assuming there are no complications. After a page is moved, links to the page should point to the new location, not the old one.

To rename a page without moving it, you may use the CustomTitle parameter of Template:Auto. For example, instead of simply {{Auto}}, you may use {{Auto|CustomTitle=New Page Title}}.

Linking To Subpages

Linking to subpages is made easiest using Template:Link, which works the same way from both Hub pages and subpages for the same game. For instance, to link to Mirror's Edge/Kate Connors from Mirror's Edge/Faith Connors, instead of typing [[Mirror's Edge/Kate Connors]], you may simply type {{Link|Kate Connors}}. The same code would be used to link from Mirror's Edge.


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