Enma Kozato

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Enma Kozato
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Character Info
Title Shimon Boss
Namimori Transfer Student
Gender Male
Age 15
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 283
Weapon Info
Flame Unknown

Enma Kozato is a shy and and gloomy transfer student at Namimori Middle School. He is also the boss of the Shimon Famiglia. Previously he and several members of his family attended Shimon Middle but had to migrate to Namimori after an earthquake struck their place of residence. Namimori was chosen because the area has a low Earthquake frequency and were travelling there anyway because of the Decimo Inheritance Ceremony. The symbol in his red eyes, match that on his ring.

[edit] Personality

He, like Tsuna, has poor social skills and because of his demeanor he is often the target for bullying. He has a weak mental mind and because of that, and it was even stated by Hana Kurokawa, that he is "the type who'd get teased a lot". He reminds Tsuna of himself before joining the mafia, and because of this the two have become friends of some sort.

However, after it was revealed what the true intentions of the Shimon Famiglia were, Enma took on a more dominant, calm and even a mocking personality. Openly admitting to Tsuna that it was Shimon's fault that Takeshi Yamamoto was hospitalised.

[edit] Appearance

Enma generally has a laid back appearance to him and looks to be inferior to everyone he meets and is around. He has red eyes (something that seems to be a trait in the Shimon Famiglia) and red hair. He has a thin yet surprisingly strong body, and wears the standard Shimon Middles School uniform and when not donning this uniform he is usually seen wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. He seems to slouch while sitting and buckles his knees near his midsection. When in Dying Will Mode, he has one of the Seven Flames of the Earth on his head, however the colour (and even properties) are still unknown.

[edit] Abilities

Enma's Shimon Ring Released
  • Shimon Ring: Enma has possession over one of the 7 Shimon Rings whose power was released with the Vongola Sin. When he enters Dying Will Mode, his ring becomes a Gauntlet and he becomes surrounded by a ring of text.

Shimon Family
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Weapons & Abilities
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