Kyoya Hibari

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Kyoya Hibari
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Character Info
Title Vongola Cloud Guardian
Leader of the Namimori Disciplinary Committee
Gender Male
Age 16 Years Old
26 Years Old (Future)
Status Alive
Date of Birth May 5
Blood Type Unknown
Height 169 cm
Weight 58 kg
Seiyu Takashi Kondo
Manga Debut Chapter 16
Anime Debut Episode 1
Weapon Info
Weapon Cloud Tonfas
Cloud Hedgehog Boxes
Alaude's Handcuffs
Box Animal Riccio di Nuvola ver. Vongola (Roll)
Flame Cloud
Kyoya Hibari is the leader of the Namimori Desciplinary Committee or prefects, each one of them loyal to him. He is seen as a violent, troubled and delinquent individual that uses his status to harass others, however, he only cares for himself and his own goals, and cares little for his subordinates. Kyoya is proud of going to Namimori High and even has the schools anthem as his ring tone, and later Hibird sings it constantly. Hibird is adopted from Kokuyo's Assassin Birds, this particular bird grew somewhat attached to Hibari. Reborn somewhat interested Kyoya and considers him as a worthy opponent, one of which he urges to fight. Before a fight he always recites his catchphrase "I'll bite you to death".


[edit] Plot Synopsis

[edit] Daily Life Arc

[edit] Kokuyo Arc

[edit] Varia Arc

[edit] Future Arc

[edit] Choice Arc

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

In the Future Arc Hibari was shown to be able to use rings effectively. His Dying Will Flame had become so powerful when using normal ranked rings, it destroyed them. However the younger Hibari is able to produce a high density flame with the help of the Vongola Ring. The capacity of his Dying Will Flame is said to come from his feeling of irritation from other characters.

  • Tonfas: Hibari Tonfas are his main weapons, they have hidden compartments in which he stores smaller weapons. In the future he has a pair of Cloud Tonfas.
  • Cloud Tonfas: These are regular tonfas that are covered in Cloud Flames. When using these it's shown that his attacks seem more powerful than when using regular tonfas.
  • Cloud Hedgehog: When in use, they fly toward their target at high speeds. Due to the Cloud Flame attribute of Propagation they can become bigger when they take in Dying Will Flames. His Hedgehog can grow to a size in which it can create a huge, airtight sphere that slowly enclose on the target (Globe of Needles Form). There is also a form that allows people into the sphere called Needle Sphere Form: Reversed. However the use of his box weapon must be stopped so he and his target and fight directly.
  • Vongola Cloud Hedgehog: This appears to be a Hedgehog with larger, but fewer, spikes on it's back than the normal Cloud Hedgehog.
  • Cambio Forma: Alaude's Handcuffs: Kyoya's Cambio Forma takes the form of a single pair of Handcuffs with spikes on one half. He can use the Clouds attribute of Propagation to absorb his opponent's flames and multiply the handcuffs to engulf the target, creating a cocoon of handcuffs around them. He can then reverse these effects to shrink the cuffs and crush his foe.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Fake Win
Gola Mosca
Fake Loss

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