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Character Info
Title Vongola Lightning Guardian
Stupid Cow
Cry Baby Lambo
Gender Male
Age Child
5 Years Old
Ten Years Later
15 years old
Twenty Years Later
25 Years Old
Status Alive
Date of Birth May 28
Blood Type A
Height 42 cm (Child)
179 cm (10 years later)
184 cm (20 years later)
Weight 4 kg (Child)
64 kg (10 years later)
73 kg (20 years later)
Seiyu Junko Takeuchi (child)
Kenjirô Tsuda (adult)
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 3
Weapon Info
Weapon Horns (Adult)
Hand Grenades (Child)
10-Year Bazooka
Lampo's Shield
Box Animal Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola (Gyuudon)
Flame Lightning

Lambo is a 5 year old child assassin and often refers to himself in third person, calling himself "Lambo-San" on most occasions. He is originally from the Bovino Family. His main preference for weaponary as an infant are the Hand Grenades he keeps in his hair and dreams of one day ruling the world. We wears a cow costume complete with a tail nd in his a hair are two horns to either side, giving him the appearance of a Bison. At the start of the series he goes to Japan to kill Reborn in order to prove he is worthy of becoming his families boss. However he is a cry baby and is incapable of completing the easiest of task and naturally was not match for Reborn.


[edit] Plot Overview

[edit] Daily Life Arc

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[edit] Varia Arc

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[edit] Future Arc

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[edit] Choice Arc

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[edit] Weapons and Abilities

[edit] Weapons

Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola
  • Ten-Year Bazooka: This is a weapon that is somewhat of a speciality from the Bovino Famiglia. It switched the target with a future version of themselves (Ten year in the future - hence the name), however this only lasts for five minutes. Everytime Lambo become frustrated or looses his cool he either deliberatly sets if off, or accidentally, replacing himself with 15-Year Old Lambo. The 15 Year Old Lambo has also used this on himself bringing the 25 Year Old Lambo from the future.
Lampo's Shield
  • Vongola Lightning Buffalo: A lightning Buffalo named Gyuudon that Lambo can ride. Compared to the other Vongola Boxes this is by far the largest and is capable of firing huge amounts of Electricity.

[edit] Abilities

  • Elettrico Cuoio: Due to being the Lightning Guardian and chanelling Electric flames, he has been struck by lightning so many times it passes right through him causing him no harm at all.
  • Thunder Set: Adult Lambo summons lightning flames and stores them in his horns, and uses these flames to attack.
  • Elettrico Cornata: After the use of Thunder Set, Adult Lambo charges at his opponent and uses the attack he calls Elettrico Cornata, though this attack usually misses the opponent. However 25 year old Lambo has perfected this technique and cna use the electricity in his horns to form blades, which makes up for it's short range capabilities.
  • Elettrico Reverse: Lambo stores electricity and releases it into the ground. Only 25 year old Lambo is shown to use this technique.
  • Cambio Forma: Lampo's Shield Gyuudon takes the form of a helmet and a shield that covers all of Lambo's body. The shield has two horns like Lambo and bares the Roman Numberal 'I', much like the other Vongola Weapons. On the helmet is the Lightning symbol and has two, spiked rings encircling his actual horns. This form has amazing defensive capabilities and can fire large bursts of lightning called Corna Fulmine.

[edit] Win-Lose Record


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