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Character Info
Title Varia Officer
Vongola Sun Guardian Candidate
Big Sis Lussuria
Gender Male
Age Varia Arc
25 years
Future Arc
35 years
Status Alive
Date of Birth April 4th
Blood Type A
Height 185cm
Weight 78kg
Seiyu Kōichirō Yuzawa
Manga Debut Chapter 92
Anime Debut Episode 41
Weapon Info
Weapon Muay Thai
Metal knee
Box Animal Pavone del Sereno (Peacock of Serenity)
Flame Sun

Lussuria is a member of the Independent Vongola Assassination Group, Varia. He is always seen wearing an open trench coat, and short brown hair with a side park of green. His body is extremely muscular (Something which all Sun Guardians seem to have in common) and his preferred method of fighting is using Muay Thai. He dons a metal plate on his left knee used to both block physical attacks and cause collateral damage to his foes in doing so. He wears black sunglasses which is is always wearing and presumed to be prescription due to apparently not being able to see without them and orange fur around the rim of his hood.


[edit] Plot Synopsis

[edit] Varia Arc

[edit] Future Arc

[edit] Choice Arc

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

Lussuria is the Varia's combat expert and as such as a physically muscular and strong body that is capable of withstanding vast amounts of pain, damage and even heat. He usually fights with Muay Thai, which enables him to use both arms and legs with fighting. As well as this Lussuria has a metal plate over this knee that can block physical attacks and in the proces cause damage to the person issuing the blow. His footwork technique is quick and advanced enough to create multiple clones of himself.

  • Pavone del Sereno: (Peacock of Serenity): This is Lussuria's Box Weapon. It can speed up a persons natural healing process using the Sun's Activation attribute. The feathers on the Peacocks tail spread to a significant diameter and thus are able to heal several people at the same time. However hair and nails also grow in length because of the rapid cell multiplication.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Fake Loss

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