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Character Info
Title Moretti the Murdered
Gender Male
Age 33
Status Alive
Date of Birth February 19
Blood Type B
Height 180cm
Weight 72kg
Manga Debut Chapter 19
Anime Debut Episode 28
Weapon Info
Flame None

Moretti is a spy for the Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia (External Advisers of the Family or CEDEF that are part of the Vongola Famiglia) and has an ability that allows him to completely stop his heart to give others the impression he is dead. This ability his has acquired gave him the name "Moretti the Murdered". He was used on Tsuna by Reborn to see if he could handle murdering real people as part of his training to become the 10th Vongola Boss. Later Moretti appeared with Tsuna's dad Iemitsu during a raid on the Vongola HQ.

Moretti is able to sneak up on a Gola Mosca by completely stopping his heart and thus was undetectable on the Mosca's Life Censors. He was then able to de-activate the Gola Mosca. He informed CEDEF that the Mosca the Varia had received was not a Prototype as originally thought but a final product, one of which had no "off switch" so that if it went on a rampage it would become unstoppable.

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