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Character Info
Title Sun Arcoboleno
Katekyo Hitman
Gender Male
Age Arcoboleno
1 Year Old
Status Alive
Date of Birth October 13
Blood Type Unknown
Height 40 cm
Weight 3.7 kg
Seiyu Infant
Ken Narita
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Weapon Info
Weapon Leon
Box Animal Unknown
Flame Sun
Reborn before becoming an Arcobaleno

Reborn is Tsunayoshi Sawada's home tutor. Whenever he arrives he greets himself with "Caiossu", a casual male greeting that combines "Caio" and "Ossu". He wears a black Fedora with an orange stripe running across it, matching his Arcobaleno Pacifer, and represents his flame type; Sun. He wears an all black suit with black suits and a purple shirt underneath. Never is he seen without his pet Leon and his yellow pacifier. Out of the all Arcobaleno Infants he is the strongest. During a flashback it was revealed that he was initially angered by the curse but after a period of time and exile he came to accept it, asking Shamal to remove his "old self".

[edit] Plot Overview

Reborn takes a more backseat role in most of the arcs, only speaking when advising Tsuna on what he should and shouldn't do. He helps his students become better Mafioso and teaches them to use new, more powerful attacks.

[edit] Weapons and Abilities

  • Leon: Leon is a Shapeshifting Chameleon and acts as Reborns main weapon. Aswell as being Reborn's partner, Leon is also incredibly powerful, being able to handle Tsuna and his guardians with ease.
    • One Ton Mallet: This is one of Leon's many forms. Although it appears in the anime for purely comedic reason, in the manga Reborn uses this technique, one which only he can use. At will he can pick up the mallet as if it weren't any heavier than a feather and swing it at his target, not only will their Dying Will Flame become extinguished but this can also be used as a normal weapon.
    • Reflect Mirror: Used during his Trial, Leon shapeshift into a mirror that can reflect any attack away from Reborn and back at the person who shot it. Even Dying Will Flames that can engulf everything are reflected away.
  • Chaos Shot: During his own trial Leon transforms into his usual Gun form and Reborn shots out a concentrated sun flame that bombs the entire body and it's organs making it act like it were dead. It can also home onto it's target and has been shown to split into two or more Chaos shots to do so.

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