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Standardised Rings
Rings are weapons that allow people to bring out a more powerful Dying Will Flame and to use the power of the Box Weapons. Rings are each given a rank depending on their power, these ranks range from the E-Rank (Weakest) to A-Rank (Strongest), however with the case of the Vongola Rings, Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers they are classified to the S-Rank because of their exceptional power and being parts of the Tri-Ni-Set (73).

The ranks of rings imply several things, the most notable is the output the ring is able to achieve. Since Rings cannot create the Flames by themselves weaker ranked rings would produce a much weaker flame output that a ring of a higher ranking ring. Other circumstances also determine the class of the ring such as Flame Purity and the effectiveness of a ring when activating a Box Weapon.


[edit] Ring Types

The Tri-Ni-Set. Arcobaleno Pacifiers (Top), Vongola Rings (Right), and the Mare Rings (Left)

[edit] Tri-Ni-Set

During the Future Arc the Tri-Ni-Set (commonly abbreviated to 73) is made of of three sets of seven rings. These are the Vongola Rings, the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. When together these set of 21 rings are said to have shaped the world and the wearer of the rings has the ability to recreate it to their likening. During the aforementioned Arc it was Byakuran's intention to retrieve all the components of the 73 and in doing so he aims to destroy the Vongola Famiglia, their Guardians and take control of their rings. Due to the nature of the rings, the possessors of the Sky Rings are thus born with the powers resembling each of the Tri-Ni-Set's duty in the creation of existence and the establishment of the time stream. For Example Bykuran is able to communicate with all his alternate selves in the parallel dimensions, and the true succor to the Vongola Famiglia is able to communicate with other members of the Family from the past.

[edit] Arcobaleno Pacifiers

The Arcobaleno Pacifiers

These seven pacifiers resemble that of the rings and are worn by the Arcobaleno. These are the first rings to be seen in the series, the current holders of the Pacifiers are:

The Sky Pacifier holds the power to revive the Arbobaleno if a case should arise where they were to be killed. It also, serving its purpose in the structure of the time stream, represents and establishes two distinct points in time. It is rumored that the term 'Arcobaleno' means 'Rainbow' with each side of the Rainbow representing two points in the Time Stream.

[edit] Vongola Rings

The Temporary Vongola Rings

These are the rings are worn by the current Vongola Guardians and are given to the when rightful successors to the Vongola Famiglia are chosen. These currently consist of:

The Vongola Rings hold the power over the vertical axis of the time stream, this grants the rings and the users the ability to use the knowledge and abilities of the previous Guardians. This is most notable in Tsuna's 'Hyper Intuition', something the Vongola Primo was noted for having. It is said that the term 'Vongola' means 'Shellfish' noting the Vongola's rings domain of the structure of existence. Out of the other parts of the 73 these rings give the purest output after their 'shackles' were removed by Giotto (Vongola Primo).

[edit] Mare Rings

The Mare Rings

These are the rings worn by the real Six Funeral Wreaths and Byakuran of the Millefiore Famiglia. However after the defeat of Byakuran they were sealed. The holders of these rings were:

The Mare Rings hold domain over the horizontal axis of the time stream, granting the user of the Sky Ring the ability to see himself across the parallel worlds. It is said that the meaning of the term 'Mare' means 'Ocean', explaining the vastness of the influence it has on the time lines. However Byakuran had this ability before coming into the possession of the Sky Mare Ring and thus was the rightful owner to these 7 Rings of the 73 policy.

[edit] Other Ring Sets

[edit] Hell Rings

Hell Rings

This set of rings are the most powerful rings for the Mist Attribute. When used, especially in excess, the user can unleash a massive amount of power. However if the user cannot control the power of the ring they're personality can change drastically.As of this writing only 5 of the 6 Hell rings are shown to have owners but only the official name for one of the rings is known - Ossa Impressione, used by Genkishi. The users of the Hell Rings are:

[edit] Varia Rings

Squalo's Varia Ring

During the Future Arc the Varia appear to have customised rings of an unknown rank holding the Varia Insignia.

[edit] Fake Mare Rings

These are the rings used by the Fake Funeral Wreaths before Byakuran revealed later that they were fakes. Byakuran described them as "Beautiful stones of Rank-A" but also said that the real Mare Rings are "alot more special". The fake Sun Mare ring was destroyed by Byakuran after Shoichi betrayed him for the Vongola but the others just had their wings removed however the Fake Funeral Wreath for the Cloud Fake Mare Ring was never shown.

[edit] Shimon Rings

The Shimon Rings
These first appeared when Enma was picking up some books he had dropped with the help of Tsuna. It was hanging from Enma's neck and glowed when it was close to Tsuna's Vongola ring. Enma's eyes hold a close resemblance to his ring. Another similar ring was shown by Kaoru Mizuno, another member of the Shimon Famiglia. It was shown that all members of the family have a ring during the Vongola Inheritance Succession Ceremony and were even shown to possess power to rival that of the Vongola Rings. Whilst the Vongola rings use the attributes of the Flames of Sky, The Shimon Rings use the attributes of the Flames of Earth. These rings needed the blood of the Cozart Shimon in order to activate them to their potential, however after the blood was poured into Enma's ring, they need 7 days for their power to fully activate. Even with their rings at a weaker state, Enma still managed to critically injure most of the members of the Vongola Guardians.

[edit] Vongola Box Rings

At the end of the Future Arc after the defeat of Byakuran Tsuna and the other Vongola Guardians were unable to take their Box Weapons back, however because Verde was one of the brains behind the box weapons he used his intellect to turn the bowes into rings so that they could be taken back to the past.

Gokudera's Skull Rings

[edit] Other Rings

  • Lanchia's Boss Ring: This was given to Tsuna after he beat Lanchia. He brought this ring to him from the future and saved his life against one of Byakuran's Mini White Dragon. If the pattern follows others of Boss rings, this ring can channel the Sky Attribute.
  • Gokudera's Skull Rings: These rings are essential to the opening of the boxes to activate Sistema C.A.I. These rings are of the Storm, Lightning, Sun, Rain and Cloud Attributes.
  • Enma Kozato's Mystery Ring: This was a ring shown when Enma dropped it after Tsuna confronted two bullies from his school. Enma's eyes hold resemblance to his ring pattern.

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