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Shigure Soen Ryu - or The Invicible Sword Style - is called as such for several reasons. This technique, branches out in a similar fashion to a family tree through it's successors. It started out with one man learning the techniques and as he passed it down more techniques were added through the generations. As such each generation would create a new technique, different from the others that came before it and currently exist within the sword style and varies depending on the master using it. This is resultant to their being several different forms of the Shigure Soen form.

Throughout the series, 3 people having shown that they can use this Sword Form; Yamamoto Takeshi, Tsuyoshi Takeshi and Superbi Squalo.

This is a notably deadly Sword Form and is only passed down to worthy successors and can only be used by those potent enough to learn how. Each 'form' is only shown to the successor once by the previous generation and if the student is liable enough to be a worthy successor, then he or she will be able to remember the 'forms' without being shown ever again. At the origins of the form, only one 'form' was passed down through the generations, with each successor adding their own form to it each time, resulting in the many different forms of Shigure Soen. Because of new forms being created, the weaker ones were eventually removed from the style and only the stronger ones remained, this being the reasoning behind why it is considered the most powerful and flawless sword style.

The Shigure Soen shown to Yamamoto had 8 different forms; 4 offensive and 4 defensive and uses his father Shigure Kintoki.


[edit] Forms

[edit] 1. Axle of Rain

Axle of Rain
  • 車軸の雨 Shajiku no Ame
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto charges towards his targets and attacks with a thrusting motion

[edit] 2. Rolling Rain

Rolling Rain
  • 逆巻く雨 Sakamaku Ame
    • Defensive
    • Yamamoto creates a wave of water around him and ducks, defending himself with his sword in front.

[edit] 3. Last Minute Rain

Last Minute Rain
  • 遣らずの雨 Yarazu no Ame
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto drops his Shigure Kintoki, and kicks it, sending it flying forward into the target.

[edit] 4. May Wind, October Rain

  • 五風十雨 Gofuu Juuu
    • Defensive
    • Yamamoto synchronises his movements with his targets breathing to evade their attacks.

[edit] 5. Early Summer Rain

Early Summer Rain
  • 五月雨 Samidare
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto slashed diagonally across his target and drops the Kintoki halfway, switches hands, and finishes the attack.

[edit] 6. Unknown

  • Unknown
    • presumed defensive
    • Unknown

[edit] 7. Splashing Rain

Splashing Rain
  • 繁吹き雨 Shibuki Ame
    • Defensive
    • Yamamoto holds his Kintoki backwards and spins rapidly, creating a defensive whirlwind.

[edit] 8. Pelting Rain

Pelting Rain
  • 篠突く雨 Shinotsuki Ame
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto uses the blade of his sword to cur around the foe.

[edit] 9. Duplicate Rain

Duplicate Rain
  • うつし雨 Utsushi Ame
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto creates a wave of water that acts as a mirror, so when his target is distracted by the reflection, he attacks from the opposing direction.

[edit] 10. Clash of the Swallow

Clash of the Swallow
  • Scontro di Rondine
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto creates a tidal wave barrage in front of him as he charges with the Rondine di Pioggia (Rain Swallow or affectionately named Kojirou) leading.

[edit] 11. Swallow's Beak

Swallows Beak
  • 嘴の燕 Beccata di Rondine
    • Offensive
    • Yamamoto thrusts his Kintoki several times in one hand.

[edit] Rainy Metamorphosis

Rainy Metamorphosis
  • Aggregate Art: Jiunoka
  • Yamamoto uses all of his forms combined to strike moving objects with his Rain Flames, Tranquility, causing them to slow down at a rate where they seem to be frozen.

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