Shimon Rings

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The Shimon Rings
These first appeared when Enma was picking up some books he had dropped with the help of Tsuna. It was hanging from Enma's neck and glowed when it was close to Tsuna's Vongola ring. Enma's eyes hold a close resemblance to his ring. Another similar ring was shown by Kaoru Mizuno, another member of the Shimon Famiglia. It was shown that all members of the family have a ring during the Vongola Inheritance Succession Ceremony and were even shown to possess power to rival that of the Vongola Rings. Whilst the Vongola rings use the attributes of the Flames of Sky, The Shimon Rings use the attributes of the Flames of Earth. These rings needed the blood of the Cozart Shimon in order to activate them to their potential, however after the blood was poured into Enma's ring, they need 7 days for their power to fully activate. Even with their rings at a weaker state, Enma still managed to critically injure most of the members of the Vongola Guardians.

[edit] Guardians

[edit] Facts

  • These rings were buried with the body of Cozart Shimon, the First Generation Shimon Boss.
  • These rings appear to transform into different weapons when they are activated with the Vongola Sin.
  • The Flames these rings produce are different from normal Dying Will Flames in that they are called "The Seven Flames of Earth" as opposed to the normal "Seven Flames of Sky" that the Vongola Famiglia use.
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