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Yamamoto Takeshi
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Character Info
Title Vongola Rain Guardian
Gender Male
Age 15 Years Old
25 Years Old (Future Arc)
Status Alive
Date of Birth April 24
Blood Type O
Height 177 cm
Weight 63 kg
Seiyu Suguru Inoue
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut Episode 1
Weapon Info
Weapon Shigure Kintoki
Asari Ugetsu
Box Animal Rodnine di Pioggia ver. Vongola (Kojirou)
Akita di Pioggia ver. Vongola (Jirou)
Flame Rain

Yamamoto Takeshi (Commonly referred to as 'Yamamoto') is a baseball crazed young school kid. He is friendly to everyone and is warm hearted and compassionate to them, despite which side they're on. It's rare to find an occasion as to him ot smiling or finding a reason to be happy. He was a first naive, however, thinking that Reborn's pet Chameleon was an advanced children's toy and that the mafia was a large game of Cops-and-Robbers.

Yamamoto is the kind of character that makes everyone his friend, and if friendship isn't achievable, he holds some sort of respect for them. People such as Hibari Kyoya have become interested in his battles whereas Squalo have shown interest in his progress as a swordsman. He becomes easily frustrated and angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is willing to sacrifice whatever he has to in order to protect or save his friends, a trait he shares with the First Rain Guardian.

Despite being a generally easy going guy (sometimes seemingly acting so deliberately to annoy Gokudera), he is actually a skilled swordsman and assassin. Reborn sees that Yamamoto has talent and often tells Tsuna that Takeshi is a natural born killer. His flexibility and strong physique from years of sports gives him a natural advantage over the others, he is shown to be able to dodge cannon fire and wayward fireworks. Yamamoto is also a very quick learner, being able to learn and perfect all 8 styles of Shigure Soen despite only being shown once. He is also very adaptable to any situation, being able to create new forms in a life or death situation.

He is portrayed as a typical Japanese teenager, even through his name; The names 'Takeshi' and 'Yamamoto' are all common Japanese names. He looks like an ordinary Japanese teenager and lives Baseball. His family own a Sushi shop and sometime later he uses a Katana.

In the Future Arc he is shown to be comfortable being part of the Mafia.


[edit] Abilites and Weapons

Yamamoto uses the style that was taught to him by his father, Shigure Soen, upon learning the technique he was also given the Shigure Kintoki, a shinai that transforms into a Katana when using the Shigure Soen style. His father taught him the 8 forms, 4 offensive and 4 defensive. Since this training and learning of the 8 forms Yamamoto has created several new forms during his training with Squalo and most recently has created a Aggregate Art in which he merges all forms together. Not only this but he has been trained successfully to fight in the air and detect invisible box weapons with his ring flame.

[edit] Weapons

  • Shigure Kintoki: A weapon that was passed down to him from his father. It takes on the appearance of a Shinai when not in use, but when used with the Shigure Soen style art it takes on the appearance of a Katana. It's predominately black with a cursed blade, the blade itself has a silver tint to it. This sword can only be used by the true successor of the Shigure Soen Style. With this sword and Yamamoto's Vongola Box weapon Rondine di Pioggia it can create Cambio Forma: Asari Ugetsu.
  • Rain Vongola Box: Yamamoto's box weapon is unique in with that he has two box animals; the first being Jiro the Rain Akita (Akita di Pioggia ver. Vongola) and the other being Kojiro the Rain Swallow (Akita di Pioggia ver. Vongola). Jiro provides 3 small blades made of rain flames to propel Yamamoto whilst Kiro has the ability to create rain infused with the Tranquility attribute of the Rain Flame.
  • Motorcycle: In the manga Yamamoto has a ucati Monster S4 (916cc) with Termignoni dual exhaust pipes. In the anime the only difference in his bike to the others is his is coloured green and light blue.

[edit] Abilities

Cambio Forma: Asari Ugetsu
  • Cambio Forma: Asari Ugetsu (lit Change Form: Morning Benefit Moon Obsured by Rain): Kojiro merges with the Shigure Kintoki to create an ornately Katana hilt with the Roman Numeral 'I' (Much like that of Tsuna's X-Gloves ver. Vongola). Meanwhile Jiro gives Yamamoto 3 small swords. It was said that the First Rain Guardian also faught like this.
  • Shigure Soen: It is called the "Invincible Sword Style", and for several reasons; one being that it originated from one man and was passed down in a family tree style. As the technique was passed down more and more styles were added. It's common for the user of the style to each add another style to the art form and the entire style varies depending on the person using it. However as the new branches are made the weaker forms are eventually killed off and the strongest ones remain, making it a perfect and flawless style.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record

Fake Win
Genkishi (Saru)
Fake Win

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