Vongola Rings

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The 'Sealed' Vongola Rings
The Vongola Rings were first seen as Half Vongola Rings during the Varia arc, with Tsuna and Famiglia owning one half of the rings, and The Varia owning the other half. The two opposing sides then had to fight for the halves with the respetive guardians opposing one another (e.g Gokudera vs Belphegor as storm guardians for their Famiglia's). Before the battle they were seen encased in a box held by Basil in which Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Tsuna had to fight in order for it not to be stolen by Squalo. Currently the Vongola Rings are worn by the Tenth Generation Vongola Guardians, and became the official guardians once Tsuna inherited the title of Vongola Decimo.

These set of 7 rings, along with the Arcobaleno Pacifiers and Mare Rings are part of a mystic trio called the Tri-Ni-Set (73). The Tri-Ni-Set are 3 sets of the most powerful rings in the known Mafia World and are so powerful their legacy dictates they they created the world. During the future arc their importance became evident during the conflict between the other rings that utilise the Dying Will Flames. Also in the Future, the adult Tsuna deemed the Vongola rings as a threat and as such destroyed them, this in turn stopped Byakuran in his plan to attain the entire 73, that was until Tsuna and Famiglia from the past where brought to the future and with them, the Vongola rings.

It was revealed that the rings that had been used until the final battle with Byakuran were not the true forms of the rings. They had infact been sealed before Vongola Primo retired due to not trusting where the Vongola was going to end up in the future. Only when the proper and true successor of Vongola was chosen would the rings have their "shackles removed" and would be able to attain their full power. In order for the division to be sustained he weakened the flame's total output and therefore made them weaker than the Mare Rings and Arcobaleno Pacifiers. The Vongola's symbol of a shell on the sealed rings symbolises that Vongola means 'clam', with Mare meaning 'sea' and Arcobaleno meaning 'rainbow'. In the poem Uni recites, the Vongola Rings are mentioned; "the Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation" possibly revealing as to why the Primo Generation and the Decimo generation share so many characteristics this making them the true heirs to the Vongola title.

[edit] Original Form

The Original Form of the Vongola Rings
This form of the rings was entrusted by Vongola Primo (Giotto) to Tsuna, He believed that Tsuna and the rest of the Famiglia were the true heirs to the Vongola title and they understand the true meaning of the rings and their resolve.

[edit] Vongola Gear

The Vongola Gear
The Vongola Gear are the new and upgraded forms of the Vongola Rings, after the Vongola's battle with the Shimon Famiglia and the previous forms of the rings were destroyed.

After the Shimon-Vongola battle, Talbot upgraded the rings using the power of the Vongola Box Rings, the Primo's blood, Penalty. The forms that the rings then take is dependant on it's guardian counterpart and their fighting style, and are thus exclusively for Vongola Decimo and Guardians.

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