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Chapters 4
Setting Savannah, Georgia
Release Date(s) November 17, 2009
Platforms Xbox 360, PC
1. The Hotel
2. The Streets
3. The Hotel
4. The Atrium

Dead Center is the first campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. It spans four chapters, and tracks the survivors progress from a failed rescue attempt, to eventually escaping from the horde in a car found in a nearby mall. Going to the mall is suggested by one of the characters, which differs from the Left 4 Dead 1 survivors' decision to go to Mercy Hospital. In that campaign, they were told me helicopter to report there for evacuation. Here, no instructions were given

[edit] Gameplay

The first thing that one will notice about this campaign, is at the starting point, only pistols and melee weapons are offered. This was planned by Valve to open players up to the new weapons. The first chapter, The Hotel introduces players to many impressive visual effects found in the game, such as a large scale fire on the bottom floor of the hotel that the survivors must navigate through. The first chapter is also notable for actually introducing the survivors to each other. This occurs in the elevator that takes them to the ground floor of the hotel midway through the chapter.

The campaign is also infamous for having a gun store in it. The store contains every gun in the game, as well as laser sights that can be attached to any primary weapon.

[edit] Rescue

At the end of the campaign, the survivors exit the mall in the car found in the mall atrium. Before exiting, they must fill the tank up with gas, which is scattered throughout the atrium. They then drive on until they are stopped by a close bridge, which leads up to the next campaign, The Passing.

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