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WikiGuides.neo was created to restructure the format for requesting NeoWikis. In the past, the only way to get a NeoWiki created was to use the Neowiki Requests forum. You would have to gather support and convince the Neoseeker Administrator and Wiki Admin team that the Wiki had enough potential. An issue resulting from this system was that some NeoWikis would never develop; the users that had promised to work on them never did. This is very unfortunate because every NeoWiki puts a certain amount of work and strain on the server, so unknowingly creating NeoWikis with little or no potential causes the entire project to suffer.

Now, instead of requiring approval for a Wiki, you may start right away by making a Hub page for a specific game (not series) on WikiGuides.neo. All of the information about the game will be organized on sub-pages of the game's Hub page. When you've gathered enough content and/or the WikiGuide shows enough potential, an entire series NeoWiki may be created. Smaller games or series may never get NeoWikis, either due to lack of support, or lack of information to cover, so they will have a permanent destination on WikiGuides.

A common misconception about WikiGuides.neo is that it is just a trash heap where we dump all "failed" NeoWikis. That is not the case. The truth is, WikiGuides work exactly the same way as NeoWikis. It's more simply a host of many smaller NeoWikis together. And there are, of course, several advantages. For instance, when NeoWikis are created, they don't have any Templates, so you have to manually add any that you want. On WikiGuides.neo, there are a set of General Templates that can be used on all WikiGuides, new or old.

You may still use the NeoWiki Requests forum to request a NeoWiki, even without using WikiGuides.neo. In fact, if a series has 3-4 games (or more), we suggest that you use the forum first to at least see how much support a Wiki might have.

Anyone can help improve WikiGuides anytime, whether it's by writing walkthroughs, filling out charts, adding images and videos, correcting spelling and grammar, organizing pages, or ANYTHING! Edits to WikiGuides will show up in your Neoseeker profile under the Wiki Edits tab.

Getting Started

If you're new to WikiGuides, please make sure you review the Editing Standards. With so many games being hosted on the same Wiki, it's essential that you obey them at all times so as to keep things organized. Also, the Core Templates were designed with those requirements in mind to help you edit and organize pages, so please learn to use them.

If you're looking to create a Hub, check out Help:Hub Pages. You do not need to request Hubs, but you may create them at your own discretion.

If you're looking to create a page for a game besides the Hub, it needs to be a Subpage of the game's Hub page. For instance, instead of creating a page called Characters, you must create Game Name/Characters. Linking to the page would then be done via {{Link|Characters}} instead of [[Game Name/Characters]], which is possible with Template:Link, one of the Core Templates.

Note: WikiGuides uses version 2.0 of the general Infobox. The usage is a bit different than the old Infobox, so make sure you check it out.

Hub Listing

Here's a list of all current hubs. This list has to be manually updated, so for one that should be 100% up to date, view Category:Hub Pages (24 members). All bold links represent quality hubs that serve as good examples of how hubs are to be constructed.

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