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Balthazar the Bounty Hunter
Balthazar (Neopets).gif
First Appearance Unknown
Age Assumed old
Occupation Faerie Bounty Hunter
Location Haunted Woods
Species Lupe
Gender Male

To see Balthazar’s Battledome information, please see: Balthazar (Battledome)

Balthazar is a character in Neopets. As a young cub, Balthazar was abandoned by his family at the edge of the Haunted Woods facing difficulties to survive on his own. In his sight, he saw purple lights that led him to the Dark Faeries. The Dark Faeries rejected his plea of help and began to viciously laugh and attack him. Never forgetting the day of the incident, Balthazar now captures faeries, encasing them into bottles, and selling them for profit. He is recognized as a villainous character and an available Battledome opponent.


[edit] Appearance

Balthazar's old appearance was a large monstrous quadruped wolfish or Lupe based creature. Overgrown dark blue fur covering most his coat with yellow fur covering his front body to face and the tips of his tail and back of his front arms.

Balthazar's new appearance is bipedal and clothed consisting of a brown leather waistcoat with a strap of Faerie Bottles and a catching net on the back, green shirt underneath, brown leather like cuffs on the wrists, grayish pants, and steel pointed boots. Shorter and smoothly cut Balthazar's fur has changed revealing his tail more often than his previous design.

[edit] Personality

Once the weak and helpless little Lupe he was, Balthazar is
The Gallery of Evil Portrait
ferocious and notorious bounty hunter of faeries, stalking the night capturing them and imprisoning them into magical bottles then sell them for profit. He can be a joyous, yet show signs of arrogance talking about his capturing profession. Sadistically enjoys his career and shed tears of joy when he heard the faeries turned into stone in the Faerie's Ruin. Not only does he captures faeries, he is known to capture and consume Petpets shown in the Extreme Herder games.

Aside from his devious demeanors, he is also known to be generous to donate Bottled Faeries to the Money Tree weekly called "Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza" and participated in the Better Than You challenges in the past as the main opponent.

[edit] Quotes

- “Things look different from inside a bottle, don’t they?”

- "Catching faeries all day is exhausting, so I like to unwind here on Terror Mountain, helping out the local villagers. It's community service, you know, really rewarding stuff. You should try it!"

- “I'm the best Petpet-catcher in Neopia. You think a few Kookiths are going to give me trouble? Please. These Kookiths have no idea who they're up against. Stand back and observe a pro.”

- “Mmmm petpets... I smell lunch! It's going to take an extreme score to stop me.”

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