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NP Ration Different for each level

Cheat! is a Neopets card game where the main goal is to be the first one to play all your cards.


[edit] Playing the Game

[edit] Basic Rules

You start with 13 cards in your hand. Each player (you and 3 computer oponents) take turns discarding cards. You can only play cards that are one lower or one higher than the value last played. You can play up to 4 cards at a time. If you are caught cheating, you must pick up the enture discard pile.

[edit] Cheating

This is one game where it is ok to cheat. You can play a combination of cards and claim they are all one value. For example, if your oponent claims to put down two threes, you could put down a seven and a four and claim you put down two fours. However, your opponents can catch you cheating, but, it works in reverse. If you think your opponent cheated, you can accuse them of cheating. However, if you are wrong and they did not cheat, you must pick up the pile.

[edit] Tips

When you can, avoid cheating as much as possible. If you must cheat, play a card that is close to the legal moves. Its also a good idea to try to play cards that have not been played much before.

It would be a good idea to try and keep track of what is in the discard pile. Since there are only four cards of the same value, if one person plays two sixes and the next person tries to play three, then you know they are cheating. However, it might not be as obvious as this, so try to keep track of what has been played already. Do not accuse your opponent of cheating unless you are absolutly sure they are, otherwise you will have to pick up the pile.

[edit] Opponents and Payout

NOTE: Neopoints are multiplied by how many people you caught cheating

Level Opponents Level Payout
Level One Capara the Kyrii, Little Timmy the Tuskaninny, Branston the Eyrie 8 np
Level Two Little Timmy the Tuskaninny, Branston the Eyrie, Chuffer Bob the Meerca 12 Np
Level Three Branston the Eyrie, Chuffer Bob the Meerca, Brucey B. 16 np and Bronze trophy
Level Four Chuffer Bob the Meerca, Brucey B., Kalora the Kau 20 np
Level Five Brucey B., Kalora the Kau, Princess Fernypoo 24 np and Silver trophy
Level Six Kalora the Kau, Princess Fernypoo, Agent 00 Hog 28 np
Level Seven Princess Fernypoo, Agent 00 Hog, and Spectre 32 np and Gold Trophy

[edit] Avatar

The Capara Avatar is only obtainable when you win the first round, and only if you catch Capara cheating. This is random so it may take a few games to win it.

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