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Jelly World
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Founding 24th day of Awakening, Y5 (February 24, 2003)
Where Neopia
Description "In a very distant corner of Neopia, a strange town exists built entirely of orange jelly. Nobody knows how it got there, perhaps a magic spell that backfired, or perhaps it was commissioned by an eccentric Neopian billionaire with a sweet tooth, who knows! During your stay, please try not to eat the buildings!"
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Jelly World is a hidden location not shown on the main map of Neopia (because it doesn’t exist!) in Neopets. A mysterious, yet deliciously looking town with not much history behind, but jelly wonderfulness to find! Jelly coloured Neopets and buildings are to be found in the town. Popular attractions would be it’s towering pyramid of jelly, the Giant Jelly, where Neopians can receive a random free Jelly once a day and it’s other previous Lime flavored Jelly Tower, the Green Jelly, where once back in Y5, tons of Petpets disappeared from their owners to feast on this tasty tower, now Neopians can see the remains of this once great tower.

[edit] Jelly World Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Jelly World:

[edit] Jelly World Games

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