Jhudora's Cloud

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Jhudora's Cloud
Jhudora (Neopets).gif
Jhudora the dark faerie
Where Faerieland
Quest duration Every 12 hours
Description "Help me find a couple of things that I am looking for and I will reward you most handsomely. Ill start you off with a couple of easy quests, and after that they will become harder, and your rewards will be greater... However, should you fail to bring me what I need, you shall start from the beginning again... at the first quest... How about it? Do we have a deal?"

[edit] Doing the Quests

Located in the left top corner of Faerieland, Jhudora will ask you if you like to accept her request. Her requested items are cheap at first, but expensive as the levels rise up. The Shop Wizard can be used unlike the main Faerie Quest of Faerieland. Highly priced items may lead you to go through the Trading Post or Auction House, if they can't be found by either of the three, the neoboards might help.

No-trade Neohome furniture is a possible request and can be found at the Nehome Neostore.

Now Illusen's quests is a lot cheaper than the dark faerie, but Illusen gives in small grooming items and foods. Unless you have millions of neopoints, try out to reach high in Jhudora's quests for great rewards. If you do a Illusen's quest, you won't be able to do one of Jhudora's quest for 12 hours and on Illusen's day (March 17th), you cannot do one of Jhudora's quest.

[edit] Prizes

As a prize, you will receive one of these prizes depending on level:

Level Rarity Name and appearance
#1 10-25 Poisonous Lollypop (Neopets).gif

Poisonous Lollypop

#2 15-25 None
#3 20-30 Noxious Nectar (Neopets).gif

Noxious Nectar

#4 20-37 None
#5 28-40 Jhudoras Brush (Neopets).gif

Jhudoras Brush

#6 32-45 None
#7 36-46 None
#8 40-51 Purple Blob Potion (Neopets).gif

Purple Blob Potion

#9 40-57 None
#10 48-62 None
#11 50-62 Jhudora T-Shirt (Neopets).gif

Jhudora T-Shirt

#12 56-62 None
#13 60-69 None
#14 60-74 Gnome Shroom (Neopets).gif

Gnome Shroom

#15 66-80 None
#16 72-83 None
#17 75-87 Caustic Potion (Neopets).gif

Caustic Potion

#18 78-87 None
#19 82-92 None
#20 85-93 Dark Faerie Magic (Neopets).gif

Dark Faerie Magic

#21 88-94 None
#22 90-94 None
#23 92-96 Malice Potion (Neopets).gif

Malice Potion

#24 93-96 None
#25 94-96 None
#26 95-98 Purple Spotted Shroom (Neopets).gif

Purple Spotted Shroom

#27 96-98 None
#28 97-99 None
#29 99 Wind Up Rat (Neopets).gif

Wind Up Rat

#30 99 None
#31 99 None
#32 99 Toxic Shroom (Neopets).gif

Toxic Shroom

#33 99 None
#34 99 None
#35 99 Dark Shroom (Neopets).gif

Dark Shroom

#36 99 None
#37 99 None
#38 99 Jhudoras Potion (Neopets).gif

Jhudoras Potion

#39 99 None
#40 99 None
#41 99 Bartamus (Neopets).gif


#42 99 None
#43 99 None
#44 99 Dark Faerie Collar (Neopets).gif

Dark Faerie Collar

#45 99 None
#46 99 None
#47 99 Portable Cloud (Neopets).gif

Portable Cloud

#48 99 None
#49 99 None
#50 99 Wand of the Dark Faerie (Neopets).gif

Wand of the Dark Faerie

[edit] Avatar

Avatars that can be obtained from Jhundora's quest:

Name Avatar
Jhudora's Cloud

Complete Jhudora's 20th quest.

Jhudora Cloud (Neopets).gif
Evil Jhudora

Complete one of Jhundora's quest on February 4th.

Evil Jhudora (Neopets).gif
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