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Meerca Chase II
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Release Date Unknown
Game Categories Neopia Central


Characters Unnamed Meerca
NP Ration 1.52
Play Rank 200 Million Plays Medal (Neopets).png

Meerca Chase II is the direct sequel to Meerca Chase on Neopets. The game is a remake of a classic game known as 'Snake' where the player must collect food items which in return makes their tail grow all the while dodging obstacles in their path. Meerca Chase II introduces the classic gameplay as well as new modes such as Maze and Gravity Modes.


[edit] Modes

In Meerca Chase II there are a total of 5 modes, 2 of which are secret, each has it's own parts that make it difficult, but each mode also has different point values for each Negg.

[edit] Classic

The easiest of all modes and probably the most familiar. In this mode you are only able to face in four directions; north, east, south, and west. Depending on your difficulty your speed will vary. Like all modes, the main objective is to grab any Neggs that are not red. As you grab more colored Neggs, more red Neggs will appear on screen. Once you hit your tail, a wall, or a red Negg the game will end.

[edit] Freestyle

Almost the same as classic mode, just with one very large change. The change is that you can now move in any angle 360 degrees around. Once again, speed will vary depending on difficulty and the objective is to still grab multi-colored Neggs and avoid red Neggs.

[edit] Maze

Another mode very similar to classic, the only difference in this mode to Classic is that there are now large hedges planted creating a small maze through the game field. Same objectives exist as usual.

[edit] Gravity

Gravity Mode is a secret mode that can be obtained by typing 'superextrahypergravitymode' on the title screen. In this mode your Meerca will be playing on a large funnel instead of the usual flat playing field. The closer your Meerca gets to the center, the stronger the pull force will be. In this mode if you hit a red Negg, wall, tail, or fall into the black hole in the center you lose.

[edit] Ferocious Negg

Ferocious Negg Mode is a secret mode that can be obtained by typing 'ferociousneggsareontheloose' on the title screen. In this mode your Meerca will no longer have to dodge red Neggs, but instead you will have to dodge moving Ferocious Neggs. As always, if you hit a dangerous Negg, a wall, or your tall you will lose.

[edit] Screenshots

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