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Neocola Machine
Neocola Machine (Neopets).PNG
The Machine
Opening Unknown
Where Kreludor

The Neocola Machine is a Utility located in Kreludor. It can be used to receive new items and neopoints for your account.

[edit] Using the Machine

Using the machine is very simple, but it can become quite expensive when purchasing Neocola Tokens at the Space Weaponry.

[edit] Neocola Tokens

The first thing you will need before using the machine are small coins called Neocola Tokens. They come in a small variety of colors, but the difference between each is unknown. You might have to spend a good amount of Neopoints to get them at the Space Weaponry or local exchanging sites. Tokens can be received by Cosmic Dome battle as a item prize, random events, or local exchanging sites of the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, and Auction Genie. Remember that only these tokens will work on the machine. The following are the three types of tokens:

Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Blue Neocola Token Blue Neocola Token (Neopets).gif Green Neocola Token Green Neocola Token (Neopets).gif Red Neocola Token Red Neocola Token (Neopets).gif

[edit] Getting Your Prize

Now that you have your token it's as easy as putting the token in and receiving your prize. You will be given a small set of options however. From these options you must either choose: Dr Slother, Diet Doom, Na'cho Cola, Smite, Alt-Tab, Minion Maid, Mountain Poo, and Dehydrated H20. All of these are strangely named after real-world carbonated drinks, but in this game they do not exist. After choosing one of these options you will have to choose between a set of numbers; 0, 1, 2, 3, 10, and 42. The following are the prizes you can possibly receive after choosing your options:

Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Baby Space Fungus Baby Space Fungus (Neopets).gif Chomper Chomper (Neopets).gif Dastardly Evil Fuzzle Dastardly Evil Fuzzle (Neopets).gif Dented Can of Neocola Dented Can of Neocola (Neopets).gif
Fake Neocola Token on a String Fake Neocola Token on a String (Neopets).gif Fake Sloth Tattoo Fake Sloth Tatoo (Neopets).gif Gummy Baby Space Fungus Gummy Baby Space Fungus (Neopets).gif I Club Sloth T-Shirt I Club Sloth T-Shirt (Neopets).gif
Kreludan Grundo Slippers Kreludan Grundo Slippers (Neopets).gif Lint-Covered Peanut Lint-Covered Peanut (Neopets).gif Millipod Millipod (Neopets).gif Non-Sticky Sticky Hand Non-Sticky Sticky Hand (Neopets).gif
Pinceron Pinceron (Neopets).gif Plastic Ring of Sloth Plastic Ring of Sloth (Neopets).gif Quadrone Quadrone (Neopets).gif Screwtop Screwtop (Neopets).gif
Shaken-Up Can of Neocola Shaken-Up Can of Neocola (Neopets).gif Shocket Shocket (Neopets).gif Sloth Gummies Sloth Gummies (Neopets).gif Sponge Grundo Sponge Sponge Grundo Sponge (Neopets).gif
Super Energy Blast Drink Super Energy Blast Drink (Neopets).gif Virtupets Brand Doomsday Device Virtupets Brand Doomsday Device (Neopets).gif Wain Wain (Neopets).gif Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toy Wind Up Dr Sloth Toy (Neopets).gif

On extremely rare occasions you can win yourself any random Transmogrification Potion.

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