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The Neopian Pound is a place to adopt, abandon or transfer your Neopets to a new account. The pound was first opened June 30, 2000. On April 26, 2007, the pound closed to be reveamped to accomodate the new feature of customizing pets. The pound was re-opened April 30, 2008.


[edit] Adopting Pets

You can view up to three pets to potentially adopt at one time. By refreshing the page or clicking View More Neopets, you can view three new pets. There is a fee for adopting pets. This is determined by factors such as stats and level. You can search for neopet names, however, you cannot search for specific species or colors. There are account restrictions depending on your account age as to what neopets you can adopt.

[edit] Abandoning Pets

There is a set fee of 250 Neopoints. You can abandon one neopet a day, and only neopets who are over one week old. One a neopet is in the pound, your give up all ownership rights to the pet. That means that if you change your mind and want to adopt the pet back, or it does not reach its intended owner, the new owner who adopted it has no obligations to give it back to you.

[edit] User to User Transfer

There is a set fee of 1000 neopoints to transfer a neopet directly to a new owner. The person recieving the neopet has to pay standard adoption fees. You can transfer one neopet a month and you can recieve one neopet a month through transfer. This is the only safe way you can move a neopet to another account without worrying about it not going to its intended new owner. If someone rejects a neopet transfer, then the person who was trying to transfer gets the pet back, but it counts as using your monthly transfer.

[edit] Avatar

There is an Avatar obtainable by going to the Abandon page, however, you do not need to actually abandon a pet.

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