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Shop Wizard
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Shop Wizard (Character)
First Appearance Unknown
Occupation Neopian store finding wizard
Location Neopia Central's Market Place
Species JubJub
Description "Alakazam!!! It's the Shop Wizard! The Shop Wizard is your friendly guide to online comparison shopping. Type in what you want to buy and he will search through all the shops in the market to find you the best prices. (He searches a different section of the market each time to get more results!) "

The Shop Wizard is a search engine for Neopian owned shops and galleries. One of the three exchanging sites of Neopets, others being the Trading Post and Auction Genie.

[edit] Shop Wizard Usage

The Shop Wizard is a great tool for Neopian kind, but he has limits on usage. His price limits at max are 99,999 Neopoints and has a search limit of 360 times every passing hour.

He will also not allow you to use his shop while you are under a Faerie Quests (exception of Jhudora's Cloud and Illusen's Glade). He will become available once again after the quest is completed or abandoned.

The Shop Wizard searches through shops by the first letter of a username. Letter and numbers are compiled and organized in different groups to be searched in:

  • A, N, 0
  • B, O, 1
  • C, P, 2
  • D, Q, 3
  • E, R, 4
  • F, S, 5
  • G, T, 6
  • H, U, 7
  • I, V, 8
  • J, W, 9
  • K, X, _
  • L, Y
  • M, Z

[edit] The Super Shop Wizard

Available only if the Neopian has Neopets Premium, The Super Shop Wizard will find the cheapest items in all the grouped stores. His limitations include not SSWing for Nerkmids, paint brushes, petpet paint brushes, map pieces, and transmogrification potions and as well a little smaller number of searches each hour.

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