The Coincidence

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The Coincidence
Coincidence (Neopets).png
Where Space Interior
Quest duration Once every 24 hours, quest has no time limit, and can be canceled.
Description "Before you is Dr Landelebot, a brilliant scientist. He's standing between you and all of the shiny buttons. It's like he wants you to focus on the task at hand instead of going wild flipping toggles and pressing keys. This is a spaceship, though! Who is he kidding? Eh, maybe you should be listening to what he's saying."

[edit] General Information

In the aftermath of the Moltara Mystery coverage, Dr.Landlebot in his spaceship is repairing his Random Events machine and needs your assistance in gathering items for the repairment.

[edit] Doing the Quests

The Coincidence is located in the unmarked water tower of Moltara. To get to the quest area, just visit go through the portal ("Approach with dignity") and then assist ("Yes I thought you never asked!) him with gathering items for his machinery.

Dr.Landlebot will ask you to fetch 3 items of 1-3 quantities of random items. All of the items are what's Neopets top inflated items which were meant to be cheap by how they can be obtained by common dailies or the battledome. Items can be obtained from the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, and Action House, but due to this being a popular daily, some items may be costly.

[edit] Prizes

After completing his request Dr.Landlebot will ask you if you would like to test "The Concidence". A random event text with the result may come out to:

  • Nothing.
  • Up to +10 random stat points on a random pet.
  • Up to -3 random stat points on a random pet.
  • Five lottery tickets.
  • Any random item is stolen.
  • Up to 800 Neopoints are stolen.
  • Up to 25,000 Neopoints are given.
  • One of the Petpetpet listed below:
Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Aboogala Aboogala (Neopets).gif Belchy Belchy (Neopets).gif Breebly Breebly (Neopets).gif Bumbluz Bumbluz (Neopets).gif Cooty Cooty (Neopets).gif
Ditrey Ditrey (Neopets).gif Dragonfly Nymph Dragonfly Nymph (Neopets).gif Draphly Draphly (Neopets).gif Flankin Flankin (Neopets).gif Fleaf Fleaf (Neopets).gif
Glack Glack (Neopets).gif Greevix Greevix (Neopets).gif Grumble Grumble (Neopets).gif Itchi Itchi (Neopets).gif Jermite Jermite (Neopets).gif
Jigglybug Jigglybug (Neopets).gif Lady Blurg Lady Blurg (Neopets).gif Larnikin Larnikin (Neopets).gif Lightmite Lightmite (Neopets).gif Moach Moach (Neopets).gif
Moffit Moffit (Neopets).gif Mootix Mootix (Neopets).gif Moquot Moquot (Neopets).gif Mozito Mozito (Neopets).gif Pinchit Pinchit (Neopets).gif
Rainbug Rainbug (Neopets).gif Scoach Scoach (Neopets).gif Scriblet Scriblet (Neopets).gif Skidget Skidget (Neopets).gif Skritch Skritch (Neopets).gif
Skuffler Skuffler (Neopets).gif Snailien Snailien (Neopets).gif Springabee Springabee (Neopets).gif Squippit Squippit (Neopets).gif Veespa Veespa (Neopets).gif
Vernax Vernax (Neopets).gif Wormoeba Wormoeba (Neopets).gif Zytch Zytch (Neopets).gif

It's undetermined if it's a glitch or not, but players have received a Aisha Cinnamon Roll or Darigan Grarrl Morphing Potion instead of a petpetpet.

  • One of the Robot Petpets listed below:
Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Avabot Avabot (Neopets).gif Beepallite Beepallite (Neopets).gif Buzzler Buzzler (Neopets).gif C430 Autobot C430 Autobot (Neopets).gif Chomper Chomper (Neopets).gif
Cuttlebot Cuttlebot (Neopets).gif Cybit Cybit (Neopets).gif Diddler Diddler (Neopets).gif Fleurbik Fleurbik (Neopets).gif Flipperbot Flipperbot (Neopets).gif
Griefer Griefer (Neopets).gif Millipod Millipod (Neopets).gif Navibot Navibot (Neopets).gif Neotrak Neotrak (Neopets).gif Pinceron Pinceron (Neopets).gif
Quadrone Quadrone (Neopets).gif Roaderie 1000 Roaderie 1000 (Neopets).gif Robocrush Robocrush (Neopets).gif Rollatron Rollatron (Neopets).gif Rotawheel Rotawheel (Neopets).gif
Rotoblur 4000 Rotoblur 4000 (Neopets).gif Scout Unit Scout Unit (Neopets).gif Screwtop Screwtop (Neopets).gif Shocket Shocket (Neopets).gif Skootle Bug Skootle Bug (Neopets).gif
Stopngo 400 Stopngo 400 (Neopets).gif Vacumatic 9000 Vacumatic 9000 (Neopets).gif Wheelie Wheelie (Neopets).gif Wheelie Bot Wheelie Bot (Neopets).gif Zoomik Zoomik (Neopets).gif
  • One of the TCGs listed below:
Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
A Tale of Woe (TCG) A Tale of Woe (TCG) (Neopets).gif Attack of the Slorgs (TCG) Attack of the Slorgs (TCG) (Neopets).gif Biting Book (TCG) Biting Book (TCG) (Neopets).gif Blue Lenny (TCG) Blue Lenny (TCG) (Neopets).gif Blue Negg (TCG) Blue Negg (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Blue Paint Brush (TCG) Blue Paint Brush (TCG) (Neopets).gif Brown Aisha (TCG) Brown Aisha (TCG) (Neopets).gif Bruce Skater (TCG) Bruce Skater (TCG) (Neopets).gif Buzz Bully (TCG) Buzz Bully (TCG) (Neopets).gif Chokato (TCG) Chokato (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Clasp of Darkness (TCG) Clasp of Darkness (TCG) (Neopets).gif Detransmogrifier (TCG) Detransmogrifier (TCG) (Neopets).gif Doglefox (TCG) Doglefox (TCG) (Neopets).gif Eyrie Breastplate (TCG) Eyrie Breastplate (TCG) (Neopets).gif Faerie Koi (TCG) Faerie Koi (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Fauna (TCG) Fauna (TCG) (Neopets).gif Florg (TCG) Florg (TCG) (Neopets).gif Flotsam Hunter (TCG) Flotsam Hunter (TCG) (Neopets).gif Grarrl Brute (TCG) Grarrl Brute (TCG) (Neopets).gif Jetsam Shark (TCG) Jetsam Shark (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Juppies (TCG) Juppies (TCG) (Neopets).gif Kacheek Shepherd (TCG) Kacheek Shepherd (TCG) (Neopets).gif Kookith (TCG) Kookith (TCG) (Neopets).gif Kyrii Explorer (TCG) Kyrii Explorer (TCG) (Neopets).gif Malkus Vile (TCG) Malkus Vile (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Mashed Eye Potato (TCG) Mashed Eye Potato (TCG) (Neopets).gif Morguss (TCG) Morguss (TCG) (Neopets).gif Onions (TCG) Onions (TCG) (Neopets).gif Orange Draik (TCG) Orange Draik (TCG) (Neopets).gif Red Kyrii (TCG) Red Kyrii (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Red Poogle (TCG) Red Poogle (TCG) (Neopets).gif Reginald (TCG) Reginald (TCG) (Neopets).gif Ring of the Deep (TCG) Ring of the Deep (TCG) (Neopets).gif Ring of the Summoner (TCG) Ring of the Summoner (TCG) (Neopets).gif Scabu (TCG) Scabu (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Sludging Ray (TCG) Sludging Ray (TCG) (Neopets).gif Slumberberry Potion (TCG) Slumberberry Potion (TCG) (Neopets).gif Solarin (TCG) Solarin (TCG) (Neopets).gif Tchea Fruit (TCG) Tchea Fruit (TCG) (Neopets).gif The Dreamer (TCG) The Dreamer (TCG) (Neopets).gif
The Golden Shoyru (TCG) The Golden Shoyru (TCG) (Neopets).gif Thin Ice (TCG) Thin Ice (TCG) (Neopets).gif Tors Gamble (TCG) Tors Gamble (TCG) (Neopets).gif Usul-in-Waiting (TCG) Usul-in-Waiting (TCG) (Neopets).gif Virtublaster 3000 (TCG) Virtublaster 3000 (TCG) (Neopets).gif
Wocky Crusader (TCG) Wocky Crusader (TCG) (Neopets).gif Wooden Blocking Shield (TCG) Wooden Blocking Shield (TCG) (Neopets).gif Yellow Grass Skirt (TCG) Yellow Grass Skirt (TCG) (Neopets).gif
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