Wand of the Dark Faerie

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Wand of the Dark Faerie
Wand of the Dark Faerie (Neopets).gif
Release Date February 13, 2002
Type Battle Magic
Weight 1 lbs.
Rarity Index 130
Est. Value 0 NP
Description "This is the magical wand of the Dark Faerie. Only creatures of evil may command the wand."
Tags [RARITY 130]
BD Attack

ATKdark (Neopets).png 20

ATKphysical (Neopets).png 0.9-9

DEFlight (Neopets).png Reflect 75% light

BDHeart (Neopets).png 25% when below 25% total health

The Wand of the Dark Faerie is an item available in Neopets. It can be obtained as a prize from Jhudora's Cloud or by the exchanging sites, the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, or Auction Genie.

[edit] Battledome

The Wand of the Dark Faerie is fantastic battle item. With the chance of coming to 29 icons is large, has a 75% light reflect, nice touch with the 25% below health heal deal, and worth the insane price. It's icons and rate is to talk about, with dark and physical main blockers, it might have difficulties, but since the icons are massively high, might take a full blocker or heavy shields to knock off the icons. More expensive and offensive than the Illusens Staff, Illusens Staff has a 100% Dark defense touch, a little cheaper, weaker with icon amount, and earth based. Both extremely powerful and expensive.

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