Wheel of Excitement

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Wheel of Excitement
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Where Faerieland
Daily duration Once every 2 hours
Owner A Light Faerie
Description "Step right up, one and all, for the Wheel of Excitement! Give it a spin and see what it lands on. It's just 500 NP a go. You can only spin the wheel once every two hours. Will you win NP or will you get a nasty surprise? Only the Wheel knows!"

The Wheel of Excitement! For one exciting spin on this faerie themed wheel for only 500 NP, take a chance of winning prizes or horrors.

The wheel can be spun every two hours normally or twice every two hour if you given the Right Round Round Round boon from your fraction winning the weekly Battleground of the Obelisk.

[edit] Prizes

When spinning the wheel, one of these outcomes will happen depending on the picture the needle has stopped on:

Name Result
Lightning Bolt All your neopets lose half their health.
Blue necklaced potion with leaves Restores your pet's health.
2,500 Receive 2,500 NPs.
500 Receive 500 NPs.
Fire Ghoul All your neopets lose some health.
Pink sparkly potion with clouds A random magic potion (including bottled faeries and morphing potions).
1,000 Receive 1,000 NPs.
Dark Faerie Nothing.
Skull and bones Active pet receives Chickaroo
Question mark Receive 100-350 NPs
5,000 Receive 5,000 NPs.
Lock and lock hole Nothing.
The Pant Devil The Pant Devil steals a random item.
400 Receive 400 NPs.
20,000 Receive 20,000 NPs and if first time, an avatar.
Light Faerie Nothing.

[edit] Avatar

Name Avatar
Wheel of Excitement

Land on the 20,000 spot from the Wheel of Excitement.

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