Wheel of Extravagance

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Wheel of Extravagance
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Where Qasala of The Lost Desert
Daily duration Once a day
Owner A red Tonu
Description "Welcome to the Wheel of Extravagance! A high roller's wheel for Neopians with expensive tastes. It's 100,000 NP a spin, so if you're ready to take a chance, give the wheel a spin!"

The most expensive wheel on Neopets, The Wheel of Extravagance! Spinning the wheel cost 100,000 Neopoints and the prizes are can only be spun once a day. Prizes are

The wheel can be spun every two hours normally or twice every two hour if you given the Right Round Round Round boon from your fraction winning the weekly Battleground of the Obelisk.

[edit] Prizes

When spinning the wheel, one of these outcomes will happen depending on the picture the needle has stopped on:

Name Result
Lightning Bolt All your neopets lose half their health.
X mark Nothing.
Small sized NPs bag Receive 25,00 NPs.
Nerkmid Receive a random Nerkmid, Secret Laboratory Map, or job coupon.
Paint Brush Receive a random paint brush.
Medium sized NPs bag Receive 50,000 NPs.
Blank square Receive an avatar.
Background Receive the Wheel of Extravagance Background.
Muscular bicep Active pet receives 5 stat points on a random stat, does not increase level.
Large sized NPs bad Receive 100,001 NPs.
Starred stamp Receive the Wheel of Extravagance Stamp
Two muscular biceps Active pet receives 10 stat points on a random stat, does not increase level.
Scorchstone Receive a random 100 rarity item.

[edit] Avatar

Name Avatar
High Roller

Land on the Blank spot from the Wheel of Extravagance (check your Neoboard preferences afterward).

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