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Created By Adrian Hodges Tim Haines
Genre Science, fiction, cult, drama
Producers Tim Bradley - Series 3
Paul Frift- Series 2
Cameron McAllister - Series 1
Cast Douglas Henshall
James Murray
Jason Flemyng
Andrew-Lee Potts
Hannah Spearritt
Laila Rouass
Ben Mansfield
Juliet Aubrey
Ben Miller
First Aired February 10, 2007UK
August 9, 2008US
Series 3
Episodes 23
Home Page Home Page
Running Date February 10, 2007 - June 6th, 2009

Primeval is a British Science Fiction, Cult Drama series that started on 10th February, 2007 and since this first viewing has gained a huge international audience. The series was created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines (previously created Walking with Dinosaurs). Primeval follows a group of Scientists that have been hired by James Lester to investgate the recent phemonmena that they call Temporal Anomalies that home a tunnel between our current time zone and that of Pre-Historic and futuristic creatures.

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[edit] About Primeval

Primeval follows a band of scientists as they follow the depths of the unknown past and future through passageways or 'rips' through time that seem to be developing Prehistoric, present and future Earth, allowing all sorts of alien creatures to walk through the streets. The wife of their, now late leader, Proffesor Nicholas Cutter, disappeared years ago whilst investigating some anonymous reports of strange creates. Nick is sure that these passageways (commonly called 'Anomalys') are the key to finding her again.

[edit] Origins

Primeval was created for the British television channel, ITV1 by Adrian Hodges who wrote the majority of the scripts, along with Tim Haines from Impossible Pictures. The show had grown out of Haine's documentary programmes: Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts and Walking with Monsters, which demonstrated the technology for creating realistic CGI creatures. Primeval first aired in February 2007 in the UK and August 2008 in America.

[edit] Key Characters

The main characters throughout the program are: Professor Nicholas Cutter (Douglas Henshall), an evolutionary scientists who has grasped the concepts of the theory of rips in time. Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt) a talented Zoo-ologist and Zoo Keeper; The hunter of the group and general handy-man, Stephen Hart (James Murray). He only appears in the first 13 episodes; and Connor Temple, Cutters student and general Dinosaur nerd. He is the character most sci-fi freaks can relate to.

  • Cutter is a brilliant Scientist, whom has dedicated his life to finding out the gaps in evolutionary chains. His wife, Helen, disappeared in an unexplained incident a few years before the story starts. However, their relationship was rocky, and were some what estranged to each other, which still makes Cutter feel guilty. He is known for his courage, both Physically and Mentally, as shown when he got a snake to bite him to extract the poison to save Stephen.
  • Stephen seems to have the ability to track almost any animal, and is Cutters most reliable handy man and research assistant. He, just like Cutter, puts himself in near death situations due to his lack of fear and tremendous courage.
  • Temple, Cutters super bright student, has a knowledge of dinosaurs that could be considered second to none, but lacks in his social skills, which could be a lot to be desired. He also knows a lot about sci-fi and can be quite a conspiracy theorist.
  • Maitland zoology knowledge is incredible, specialising in Reptiles allows her to cross paths with Cutter and helps them investigate a boy that has adopted a 'strange' lizard as a pet. She later joins forces with them and creates a strong bond between her and Stephen. She is perpetuous and silly, and has an interest in a special lizard that she keeps secret from everyone, except Connor.
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