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Abby Maitland
Abby (Primeval).jpg
Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland
Gender Female
Portrayed By Hannah Spearritt
Episode Count 16
Debut Episode 1
Occupation Zoologist

Abby Maitland has a chronic fear of spiders despite her love for reptiles. She developed this love when she went on holiday with her parents to the Galapagos Islands and has had a huge interest in reptiles ever since. Several years after she went to a University but left shortly after and became a zookeeper. Abby is a fit and all round individual, her hobbies include; Swimming, Diving, Kick-Boxing, Karate, Ashtanga Yonga and Gymnastics and keep all of her equipment in her flat that she shares with Connor. She was abused as a child and in series 1 showed affection toward Stephen Hart but in the following series (After Stephen's Death) shows new found affection toward Connor Temple, which is then shown in series 3 when they kiss.

She has always admitted that she kept falling in love with 'The wrong type of man', always falling for the dangerous kind. She always seems to be emotionally hurt easily but tries to maintain and upbeat and happy outlook toward other people. When she wants something, she can be remarkably deceitful, she lies to her team makes and the government about her experience with Spider so they would recruit her as part of Cutter's team. She also keeps the fact that Rex came back through the anomaly with Cutter and is now keeping him.

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