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[edit] Definitions

General Definition: An anomaly is any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique. It can also mean a discrepancy or deviation from an established rule or trend.

Primeval Usage: Anomalies within Primeval series are portals in time that links between eras throughout all of history. They have opened in numerous locations.

[edit] Apearance

An Anomaly

An anomaly is seen as a glowing ball that has sparks or shards coming from it, when it is open. As they dissapear they seem to pulsate before hand, and then just vanish. While they are locked, they are a tightly wound, bright coloured ball. An anomaly is a yellow to white colour gradient, varying in the amount of each colour, dependant on the place which it anomaly appeared.

[edit] Features

An Anomaly is highly magnetic, and can draw obejects such as keys, pens into them. Due to this magnetic property they make compasses useless, but the properties where proven to not be strong enough to penetrate a fridge door. They allow animals and objects to come through, and in the second episode of the first series it was stated that gases and liquids can also come through them. It is possible for a person to partially go through, this is shown because someone poked their face through without travelling all the way through. This proves that an anomoly doesnt have a pulling power of everything around it. An anomoly doesnt not appear where the original state would have happened, this is proven by the Dodo appearing in Britain when it was really only found on a Tropical Island.

[edit] Control

Conner locking an anomaly

It was believed that there had to be some way of opening, or predicting an anomaly. Helen Cutter suggested she could control them earlier on in the series. It wasnt until later that technology from the future was shown that could say when one was going to open, or open one before it was suppose to open, or after it had just closed. Connor created a machine that was able to tell when an Anomaly was around, and was able to guide the team to them often, and then later he created a machine that could seal an anomaly, making it impossible for anything to come through. It was shown that anomalies was able to be moved using a magnetic field, this was seen in the first episode of series three.

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