Ben Trent

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Ben Trent
Ben Trent (Primeval).jpg
Jack Montgomery as Ben Trent
Gender Male
Portrayed by Jack Montgomery
Episode Count 1
Debut Episode 1
Occupation Primary School Student

Ben Trent is a young boy that has claimed to have found a lizard names "Rex" who is an extinct species known as Coelurosauravus whilst he family were on a family Picnic in the Forest of Dean, He contacts their local Zoologist at Wellinton Zoo, Abby Maitland. When she arrives, she claims to have never seen this species of lizard before. Ben first believes the 'lizard' to be a member of the modern flying lizard Draco volans, but Abby, as aforementioned, dismisses this theory. Ben and Abby then travel to the Forest of Dean to see if they can either find it's home or see if there are more about, but discovers a cow's dead corpse hanging from a nearby tree, Ben runs and is soon followed by a Gorgonopsid. Ben, is the first to ever discover the Time-space anomalies and looks through it, peering in back in time to the Permian era. The Gorgonopsid follows Ben to his home, where his bedroom is ransacked by it whilst it tried to kill him through the window, but when he tries to explain what had happened, no-one believes him except Abby who tells him not to tell this information to the 'out-side world'. Later, the creature follows Ben to school and attacks during a detention, but both him and his teacher escape thanks to the aid of Stephen Hart whom was almost killed doing so.

Debuting Episode: Episode 1

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