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Captain Becker
Captain Becker (Primeval).jpg
Ben Mansfield as Captain Becker
Gender Male
Portrayed By Ben Mansfield
Episode Count N/A
Debut N/A
Occupation Special Ops Captain

When Becker was first introduced to Primeval, Time Haines described him as "A new military guy who watched every one's back and doesn't let them get eaten". Also, he is not a 'one dimensional' character, he has a strong military background and was moved from from the Special Ops team to The Arc. He See's himself as the protector of the group and this can sometimes cause 'amiable friction' between him and Connor. In episode 3.1 (Series 3, episode 1), Connor gives him the Nickname "Action Man". In most of the episodes he appears in, he seems to be holding a shotgun, but rarely uses it as his orders are always to bring the creature back alive, but has occasionally used it to protect the team as well as himself.

Episode 3.1 is where we first see Becker, he is having a conversation with Lester about becoming the bodyguard for the team. He bluntly puts it towards him that he doesn't want anyone else to be killed whilst investigating these anomalies (referring to Steven's Death at the end of Series 1). He's introduced to the rest of the time by Cutter and is left alone with With Connor and Sarah Page, the Egyptologist of where the most recent anomaly had appeared.


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