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Connor Temple
Connor Temple (Primeval).jpg
Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple
Gender Male
Portrayed by Andrew-Lee Potts
Episode Count 16
Debut 'Episode 1'
Occupation Student of Paleontology

Connor Temple, portrayed by actor Andrew-Lee Potts, is one of the main characters and is a student of Paleontology at the fictional Central Metropolitan University. He is one of the people that discovers that prehistoric animals are traveling through the anomalies that make a tunnel through space and time to past and future timezones. When the Home office assigns Professor Nick Cutter as part of the investigation team into these anomalies, Connor tags along and helps the rest of the team.

Connor is stereotypically a geek, he takes great interest in films like Star Wars, Blake's 7, and Star Trek. Although, he has a very high interest in dinosaurs along with other creatures from prehistoric eras, this of course, led him to create an entire database on such creatures that help the team greatly in future episodes. He also take a very keen interest in Conspiracy Theory's and Cryptology, his interest of these things appears when he hears of a reported creature sighting, which was later confirmed as a Gorgonopsid in the Forest of Dean, which he takes to Nick Cutter and the others into uncovering the Time Anomaly throughout the course of 'Episode 1'.

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