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Danny Quinn
Danny (Primeval).jpg
Jason Flemyng as Danny Quinn
Gender Male
Portrayed By Jason Flemyng
Episode Count 8
Debut Episode 15
Occupation Former Police Officer

Danny Quinn appears in Episode 15 as an Police Officer investigating the case of two missing teenagers (One of which was he younger brother) in a supposedly haunted house. On the night of the disappearance there was a third teenager with the two missing whom fled the scene, because of this Danny has always accused him, Ryan Mason, for killing his brother. Danny came across the team because of his obsession with the house since his brother disappeared and frequently arrests trespassers, and at first thought, the team were treated as accused trespassers.

Danny leaves the team several times during the course of series 3 and each time redeems himself to Lester and is allowed back. During the episode 3.8 he sees a disguised Helen slip through an Anomaly into present day life, and the following episode he rescues her from from Christina Johnson's base and returning her to the ARC before revealing who she really was. Along with Abby, Connor, Sarah and Becker he follows her back to Johnson's HQ and witnesses' Christina's death at the hands of a future predator. In the following episode Danny travels back in time with Abby and Connor into the late cretaceous and follows Helen deep into the past (Back to the era of the first human beings), and witnesses Helen's death. As he walks back to the anomaly - leading back to the late Cretaceous where he left an injured Connor and Abby - the anomaly draws closed and Danny is left stranded at the end of series 3.

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