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There has been an abnormal sighting on the outskirts of The Forrest of Dean, and it leads the team to the suppose sighting area. There they find a Scutosaurus in the forest and near it a time anomaly that leads to the Permian era, 250 million years ago. Later on the team find that a Gorgonopsid has also passed through the anomaly and now the team must usher the creature back into the anomaly before it kills anyone.


[edit] Synopsis

An 'anomaly' appears in the nearby Forest of Dean, leading directly to that of an era millions of years in the past; The Permian. The team have to track down a Gorgonsopid before it can kill anyone.

Series 1 Episode 1
Creatures Gorgonopsid
Broadcast February 10, 2007
Series 1
Episode 1
Setting Central Metropolitan University
Forest of Dean
Permian Era
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Episode 2

[edit] Plot

During the night, a Gorgonopsid appears in the Forest of Dean near to a parking lot. Helen Cutter runs into a closed supermarket to hide while being followed by the Gorganopsid which she had gone to investigate. The creature throws cars around while Helen Cutter runs back into the forest; she is presumed dead.

After eight years, Connor Temple, a student at the Central Metropolitan University, goes up to his tutor in evolutionary zoology. His tutor, Dr. Nick Cutter, takes Connor into his office and introduces him to his assistant, Stephen Hart. Connor then presents his theorem on evolutionary life to Nick and Stephen. Nick then bins Conner's theory and tells him that there are some things in life that cannot be explained. He uses the discovery of the Sarcopterygian which was thought to be extinct. Then Connor shows Nick a picture from a recent newspaper article which contains a creature not dissimilar to a Therapsid and says that it could be an undiscovered predator. Nick dismisses it as a hoax and then decides to investigate it with Connor and Stephen after learning that it was seen not to far from the Forest of Dean; the place his wife disappeared.

Meanwhile, a London zoo gets a call about picking up an exotic reptile called Rex. The zoo send a reptiles expert, Abby Maitland, who recognizes that the reptile is not the species that it was thought to be. The reptile is recognized as a new species.

Stephen, Connor and Nick arrive at the place where the monster was last seen. They find a lorry torn apart from the outside and a metal fence trampled to the ground nearby. Later at a nearby bar Nick is approached by a low level agent from the Home Office. She introduces herself as Claudia Brown and says that she was sent to investigate the monster siting. Nick invites Claudia to help with the search.

Permian era
The boy who found Rex, Ben, Abi and Rex head into the Forest of Dean to the place where Ben said he found Rex. As they head further into the forest they see a dead cow high up in a tree, Abi blames a Leopard and Ben panics and runs away. Abi trys to follow Ben but she can't keep up and stumbles therefore releasing Rex who releases his wings and flys up into the sky. Rex then chirps an alarm meaning that danger is near; the Gorgonopsid. Abi then sees its reflection in a stream and hides until the Gorgonopsid passes by. As Ben carries on running he encounters a glowing portal in the woods, an anomaly, upon hearing the same noises that Rex makes he peers through and sees a landscape covered with lava, conifer forests and Volcanoes. as he still looks through he sees some of the same creatures as Rex flying by. Terrified he runs home and cuts himself on a fence and locking himself in his room. The smell of the fresh blood attracts the Gorgonopsid which follows the scent to Ben's house. It pushes its head through his window and terrifies Ben who throws objects at it. He throws a lamp at the Gorgonopsid's head which explodes and scares the monster away.
As night falls, Abi is still lost in the woods. She crosses paths with Connor, Nick, Claudia, Stephen and an adult Scutosaurus. Nick tells them all that Rex and the Scutosaurus are both creatures from Prehistory - which were meant to be extinct. Claudia then declares the findings as official secrets in hope of stopping panicking. The group try to think of where this creatures could be coming from so they go back to see Ben. He tells them that he saw the past. On the way back into the forest Nick scares the Scutosaurus deliberately in hope that it would lead them to where it came from. It crosses back through the anomaly and vanishes.

The next morning the Home Office take over the investigation with the lead of James Lester. Nick then unintentionally discovers that the anomaly creates a powerful magnetic field. Nick then says that the anomaly leads back to the late Permian period. Nick is then convinced that the anomaly is linked with Helen's disappearance so he asks Lester if he can travel through the anomaly to find her. As Rex is being tested upon by the home office Rex shows that he can fly and nearly escapes but is tempted back by Abi and food. The DNA tests show that Rex is indeed a dinosaur and this convinces Lester to allow Cutter to go through the anomaly.

Stephen and Connor are then set the task of trying to find the Gorgonopsid. Meanwhile as Ben is in detention at his school he sees the Gorgonopsid outside of the class window. He tells the teacher that there is a dinosaur outside. The teacher dismisses this and then is proved wrong when the dinosaur tries attacking them and breaking down the door. Then Stephen arrives and taunts the beast therefore drawing it away. But Stephens escape is stopped by a stiff fire exit. Stephen then blinds the creature with a fire extinguisher, the creature runs blindly and breaks down the door as well as leaving Stephen unconscious.

Nick travels through the anomaly with an SAS captain; Captain Tom Ryan. They release Rex and then carry on walking until they find a human camp with a crushed skull and a camera with H.C engraved on it: Helen's initials. Nick says that he will carry on searching for Helen but Tom says no and when Nick tries to get away he knocks him out and carries him back to the anomaly.

Cutter's discovery of bones in the Permian Era
As Cutter comes round he says he is going back through and then has a fight with Tom which Tom wins. The captain then says don't try that again' to which Cutter replies ' don't be stupid'. The anomaly starts to close and the two men get back through - with Rex in tow. The Gorgonopsid then charges back into the scene and attacks the group of people. The captain and his men shoot at in which starts to slowly wound it, it is almost about to kill them when Stephen comes back and drives his car into the Gorgonopsid which finishes it off.
Stephen and the Gorgonopsid in the school

The film from the camera found through the anomaly is developed later, showing pictures of Helen in the Permian period. Lester seems pleased but Nick says that ' an unknown force is ripping the boundaries of time and space apart and with the threat of more creatures appearing through over anomalies it is far from over'. When Cutter gets back to his desk he finds an Ammonite slowly coming to life and catches a glimpse of his wife, he shouts but when he gets to where she was, she is gone.

[edit] Cast

Professor Nick Cutter - Douglas Henshall
Abby Maitland - Hannah Spearritt
Helen Cutter - Juliet Aubrey
Stephen Hart - James Murray
Claudia Brown - Lucy Brown
Connor Temple - Andrew-Lee Potts
James Lester - Ben Miller
Captain Tom Ryan - Mark Wakeling
Ben Trent - Jack Montgomory (Only Appearence)
Bens' Teacher - Jane Cameron (Only Appearence)
Tim Parker - Tom Voce
Dave Green - Mark Goodenough

[edit] Reappearences

[edit] Ratings

6.7 Million (29%). Highest the entire Series 1 scores.

[edit] Found Errors

  • Rex (The Coelurosauravus) was shown flying in the air, but the species are only able to glide.
  • Cutter is shown cutting open a body to show the skeleton to determine the creatures gender. But certain myths state that both male and female human skeletons are more or less indentical.
    • "He was possibly in denial at the time, as he originally thought it was Helen and then said it was a man."
  • Gorgonopsids are actually called Gorgons, Gorgonopsia or Gorgonops.
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