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Helen Cutter
Helen Cutter (Primeval).jpg
Juliet Aubrey as Helen Cutter
Gender Female
Portrayed by Juliet Aubrey
Episode Count 11
Debut Episode 1
Occupation N/A

Helen Cutter is portrayed as the villain throughout the program. It is rumoured that all the string of anomalies of time and space in which Pre-Historic and Futuristic creatures have been appearing in modern day Britain are all down to her, but there is yet to be conclusive evidence. When she re-appeared after disappearing 8 years before the series starts, she seems to have detailed knowledge of the Anomalies as she seems to be able to predict where the anomalies will appear and to what era, even the exact place of where it will appear in the future or past (As shown in Episode 4 where she escapes through an anomaly into a "Spagetti Junction" of other anomalies). This knowledge of the anomalies far exceeds any other characters in the program, even after they have discovered the Artifact, Helen also seems to use the anomalies to her own personal advantage ranging from simple time travel to something as complex as exploring the activity change in time lines to create clones (Such as The Cleaner).

Despite abandoning her husband 8 years ago, she seems to have a problem with the relationship that started to bud between Claudia and Nick and is hinted at that she may have had something to do with her disappearance after Nick's defeat of the future predator.

Right before her disappearance, Helen was having an affair with Stephen Hart, Nick's best friend and Lab partner. She led Nick to believe that she was dead after passing through an anomaly 8 years ago after she was attacked on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean in the car park of a supermarket. As mentioned before, she has detailed prior knowledge of what Nick and the team are going to face and when, but is reluctant to share what she has learned with anyone except Nick (She once offered him the option of staying the past with her in exchange for all she knew about the anomaly). But, she does save one member of the team from an attack of Anurognathus. The Home Office thinks that she has detailed knowledge on the anomalies and how they are formed, and this is the focus of the plot line. However, Nick just wants her back and for her to stop escaping so they can be together again. Despite everything she has done, he still feels the same way about her.

[edit] Eve

Eve (Primeval).png
Kate Magowan as Eve
Gender Female
Portrayed by Kate Magowan
Episode Count 2
Debut Episode 3.8
Occupation Time Traveler

Eve is a woman that appears from the future into Christine Johnson's base in episode 3.8. She reveals to Christine she has the technology and power to open and close the temporal anomalies, Sarah finds her travel book to find that she has written several entries about the estranged Claudia Brown. The face of Eve is computer generated and projected onto screen and hides the face of Helen Cutter. when she reveals herself to be Helen she pushes Christine into a future anomaly where she is quickly devoured by a future predator, but they do not take Helen (Hinting that she has learnt to control them, unlike in episode 1.6 where she was almost killed by one), she then leaves through the anomaly and smiles malevolently at Danny as the anomaly closes behind her.

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