James Lester

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James Lester
James Lester (Primeval).jpg
Ben Miller as James Lester
Gender Male
Portrayed By Ben Miller
Episode Count 11
Debut Episode 1
Occupation Senior UK Government Official

Lester works for the English Government and runs The Arc and with it, is also the one that is ultimately responsible for Cutter's team whom are ordered to dispatch and investigate the Time Anomalies. Lester is a rather sarcastic and outstanding individual and can be quite dominating when he has to be, it is his job to protect the general public from finding out about the Time Anomalies and to prevent mass panic by whatever means necessary. He is by no means of any official political allegiances but believes that "The Ends Justify The Means" and has no problem with torturing his suspects to get the information he needs. It is also speculated that he is a British patriot with a distrust of the EU.

Although for the most part of the program he plays a rather ignorant, Paranoid, "Slow-to-face-the-facts" and general all round groutch he has been known to have rather clever outbursts of thought and has, at time, for seen many things that can happen (This is mainly shown in the 3rd series when Christine makes several attempts to take over the Arc. he also suggested that his assistant at the time (During the second series), Oliver Leek was in league with Helen Cutter. He had also managed to see that Helen Cutter was also lying to escape "I think I'd trust her just about as far as I can throw a Stegosaurus", this is then overthrown by Claudia and Cutter but which later turns out to be true. Even though he does have his outbursts of intelligence he presents it in a rather humorous and sarcastic manner, as if to hide what intelligence he has.

However, in certain episodes we have seen a much softer side to Lester when he promises to drop the charges against a young girl when Claudia brings the situation forward to him, even though the matter in question was out of his hands. Just like Cutter, Lster has become a much loved character over the course of the 3 series and has become a great team leader for Cutter and the rest of the team.

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