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Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis (Primeval).jpg
Lucy Brown as Jennifer Lewis
Gender Female
Portrayed By Lucy Brown
Episode Count 12
Debut Episode 7
Occupation PR Office

Jennifer Lewis is a physical duplicate of Claudia Brown but her temperament is more or less opposite (both whom are played by Lucy Brown). At the end of the first series (Episode 6.1) Claudia had totally vanished off the timeline, which was devastating news to Cutter and finds it hard to adjust to this new timeline he had inadvertently created.

As mentioned before, Jenny's nature differs greatly from her 'previous persona' of Claudia. She is arrogant, bossy and stubborn and usually doesn't listen to Cutter's orders (Much like her refusal to take the stairs as Cutter had requested in Episode 8). As much as Cutter was relieved to find out that Claudia technically still existed in this timeline he refers to her in Episode 9 as "A real piece of work" to which Jenny replies "Thankyou. I'll take that as a compliment".

Jenny was initially employed by James Lester whom, up until Leek presents a file proving otherwise, thought was a man. Her job in the Arc is to create stories to cover up any leeks that may come from the public after seeing the Creatures that come through the Anomalies to try and stop wide-spread panic, but has no idea what the ARC have been doing. The only way in which she finds out about the anomalies is by disobeying orders and coming face-to-face with a creature that has entered the office block in episode 8. Although, after finding out what the Arc has been up to, she adjusts quickly and continues with what she had been employed for. Despite originally being just a public relations officer, she takes charge when she needs to in order to get the job done and over with as quickly as possible. She once took charge of an armored truck she was led to a supposed anomaly site, which was later confirmed as a false alarm in Episode 12, and also led them out of Leek's secret facility in Episode 13. Lester describes her as the most reliable member of the team and immediately issues her the leader of the team soon after Cutters death.

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