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Nick Cutter
Nick Cutter (Primeval).jpg
Douglas Henshall as Professor Nick Cutter
Gender Male
Protrayed By Douglas Henshall
Episode Count 16
Occupation Professor of Palaeontology at Central Metrepolitan University
Anomaly Team Leader (Deceased 11th April, 2009)

Professor Nick Cutter is a Professor of Palaeontology at Central Metrolpolitan University and also the Anomaly team leader. He was one of the first people to discover the Anomalys and that Pre-Historic creatures were coming from their own time period into ours, and later discovers in Episode 6 that creatures from the Future are also coming into the present. Due to his surpassing knowledge of Palaeontology he was assigned team leader by James Lester and was assigned to attack the problems the creatures had caused and to stop the public from leaking anything they saw (This job was later taken by Jennifer Lewis in Episode 6). Nick was described as "A rank amateur that's good at what he does."

Although Cutter is an expert in Palaentology and identifying all the extinct species that come through the anomalies, some comments that have been put forward toward him make out he also dabbles in Physics; An example of this is of the theories of the Anomalys in Episode 3 which later turn out to be true. This theory describes the anomalies to be 'Earthquakes in time' and just like an Earthquake there are after shocks meaning more anomalies will show up along a 'fault line' which Lester dismisses instantly and later turns out to also be true.

Cutter is his own person, an 'aloof' individual; an example of this would be his instant reaction toward Connor Temple when he brushes him off when he coes into his office to explain his most recent theory about prehistoric creatures being able to move freely throughout our timezone and theirs, which turns out to be what the TV series is about, and merely tells Connor to go out and get a girlfriend. Also, he keeps his encounters of his previously thought deceased wife Helen Cutter to himself, he can also present himself to be quite a spiteful person as he says to Stephen before going through the anomaly in Episode 6 "if I don't come back, push Lester into the worse anomaly you can find" although, it was said in a rather joking manner. As much as Cutter hates Lester, their personalities are very much alike adding comedy throughout the program right up until Cutters death in Episode 18. Insert non-formatted text here

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