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Rex the Coelurosauravus
Gender Assumed Male
Species Coelurosauravus
Episode Count 8
Debut Episode 1

Rex is a reptile that is based off a much smaller creature, one almost half it's size, called the Coelurosauravus jaeckeli found in Germany. His 'wings' were formed due to an outgrowth of his ribs enabling him to glide, rather than fly. Rex is a Coelurosauravus from the Permian era, which was about 250 million years ago, and it unusually active and surprisingly intelligent for a cold blooded creature. Upon seeing Abby he immediately bonded with her. When the team ushered Rex back through the anomaly and snuck back through where Abby then - Without the team knowing - keeps him with her for the most part of Series 1. Eventually the rest of the team found out about Rex being hidden in Abby's flat, the first person to know being Connor due to him moving in with her.

Rex has had some near death experiences;

  • After Connor's break up with Caroline Steel, through text. Upset, Caroline breaks into Connors flat and tries to take Rex, when Rex tried to fight back Caroline grabs a nearby tennis racket and whacks Rex with it, with Rex's neck broken he falls to the floor unconscious. When Connor and Abby return to the flat, they find Rex missing. Rex is then held Captive by Leek, then when all the creatures were let loose from Leek's holding facility, as does Rex. Upon escaping a guard shot him, knocking him out cold. Abby says he will be fine, but whether he fully recovers is unknown.
  • Rex is also auctioned on a auction site by Jack Maitland's friend Tony in a gambling game. Connor sees Rex on this auction site and manages to get him back with the help of Captain Becker
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