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Tom (Primeval).jpg
Jake Curran as Tom
Gender Male
Portrayed by Jake Curran
Episode Count 3
Debut Episode 2
Occuption Student

Tom is not the same person as the S.A.S military person, Captain Tom Ryan. Tom is a friend of Connor and fellow geek Duncan. Tom shows himself to be 'Team Leader' of the 3 friends and generally comes up with plans, which Duncan will follow but Connor will always find something to try and stop Tom. Such a plan was invented by Tom to find out what Connor had been up to in the recent months, as Tom is also a mad conspiracy theorist.

Tom can be an angry and violent person, even without a parasite in him. In Episode 4, Tom is infected with a deadly parasite which he got from a Dodo after following Connor to the football stadium where they had been a recent anomaly sighting. This parasite enters a persons body and lays it's eggs, then makes it's way up to the persons lungs to be coughed out to then lay eggs in another host. Whilst inside the body, it can manipulate people to pass on the eggs by biting or kissing (depending on the species infected). After being infected by the parasite, Tom becomes aggressive, photophobic, light sensitive, and tries to pass on the parasite, as an examining doctor, he doesn't infect anyone. However, the team did not find him in time to remove the parasite, and his last words were "I'm a hero" while dying in Connor's arms.

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