Valerie Irwin

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Valerie Irwin
Valerie Irwin (Primeval).jpg
Gender Female
Portrayed By Gillian Kearney
Episode Count 1
Debut Episode 9
Occupation Deputy Park Manager

Valerie is the Deputy Park Manager for Blue Sky Park, and discovers that a Smilodon cub, a year before the episode starts. She kept the creature, watching it grow and mature and keeping it a secret from everyone else. Soon, the food that Valerie and her boyfriend gave it become insufficient thus leading this creature to turn on human flesh, eating as many humans as it could, including Valerie's Boyfriend and fellow park keepers. These events cause the team to investigate further. She manages to deter Stephen from finding the creature whilst trying not show her deception too much. But, eventually, Cutter realises her decpetion and goes into the log cabin where Valerie has been hiding her "Pet". She threatens Cutter not to open the door as she feared his team will take it away and experiment on it, ignoring her plea, Cutter opens the door to see the creature. Valerie orders it to attack and Cutter manages to fend for himself and survive using objects inside the cabin. She also tries to stop the fighting in order to ensure no harm is done to her 'cat' Frustrated and hungry, the creature turns, kills, and eats her.

Throughout the course of the episode Valerie flirts the Stephen to make sure he never found it. With no knowledge of the anomalies, or the fact her "pet" was from a different time era. When she was killed by it, it caused Stephen to question Cutter as to if they should keep the anomalies secret from the Public for much longer.

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