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Scribblenauts Box art
Developer 5th Cell
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date(s) Nintendo DS

NA Sep 15, 2009
AU Sep 30, 2009

EU Oct 9, 2009
Platforms Nintendo DS
Player(s) 1
Home Page Official Site

[edit] Game Information

Scribblenauts is an action puzzle game developed by 5th Cell for the Nintendo DS. Scribblenauts is essentially a side-scroller, and is played almost entirely by using the Nintendo DS stylus and directional pad. As Maxwell, it is your job to collect "Starites" -- objects resembling tiny yellow stars that can only be acquired through solving puzzles or helping other NPC (non-playable characters) -- and make your way through each of the game's 220 unique levels. The levels span through ten zany and uniquely themed worlds, some of which are only accessible when the player has collected a specific number of Starites.

In Scribblenauts, your imagination is the limit. There is no right way to complete a level, only thousands of different possibilities to get from point "A" to point "B". Because of the game's unique approach to a side-scrolling adventure, developer 5th Cell has chosen to label the game as an "emergent action puzzle game". The game's catchphrase speaks for itself; "Write anything. Solve everything." -- players will have to think hard about the various different approaches that can be taken when trying to solve each of the game's puzzles. By scribbling out different words the player is able to spawn virtually anything. From whales and rocket ships to Cthulu and even Santa Claus, Scribblenauts allows players thousands of different ways to play the game. There are a total of 22,802 different words that the game recognizes, offering limitless fun and a heap of replay value.

Another nifty way that Scribblenauts adds to the fun is by allowing players to create their own unique levels. Once a level has been created, the player may upload their design to a server on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and another player can download and play through the level -- as long as each others Friend Code registered.

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