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In Scribblenauts, you can earn things called Merits. Merits are obtained by completing certain tasks during the level. While Merits do not really benefit you in the game, they are very fun to collect. A list is Below.

  • 5th Cell: Create a 5th Cell developer (Jeff and Jeremiah are two you can use)
  • All New: Obtained by completing a level with an object you've never used before (Should get this when you beat Level One)
  • Architect: Write two or More Buildings.
  • Arrrr: Attach the Jolly Roger flag to a Pole.
  • Audiophile: Write 2+ Instruments (like Clarinet and Trumpet)
  • Chef: Write 2 or more food items.
  • Jockey: Use an animal as a vehicle.
  • Whisperer: Ride a Hostile animal (put a Saddle on an Animal that attacks things that approaches them. (ex: Lions and Tigers)
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