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A Starite
Starites are the items that Maxwell must obtain at the end of each level, on both Action and Puzzle modes. The method of obtaining a Starite differs depending on the chosen mode of play. In "Action", you are shown at the start of a level that a Starite is placed somewhere on the map with one or more obstacles blocking your pathway to the Starite, Maxwell then has to try and figure out how to reach it with anything at his disposal. In "Puzzle" mode the Starite is hidden until certain tasks are completed, hints are usually given at the start of the level to help Maxwell achieve his goal. Only once a Starite has been collected can Maxwell move onto another level or open another set of levels in the same world.

As the name suggests they are star-like in appearance with the default 5 points. The faster a Starite is obtained the more Ollars Maxwell can get at the end of a level.

The Starite can be manipulated so it can be easy or hard to get. For example; if a Starite is capable of rolling it an be attached to items such as rope or a net. Also Starites can be blown up, pushed down holes and burnt also. In some of the 'Action' stages Maxwell can be seen trying to avoid dropping a Starite incase it may break. It's also under threat of spiked balls and other heavy/rolling objects that may also cause it to break.

If you type in "Starite" into the notepad a real one will not appear, only a "Dud" one, it can however, be used as a ball and can be thrown at other objects or characters. But in Level Editor, there is a choice to spawn a real Starite as the goal for the end of the level. You can create "dud" ones by typing in words such as "ftw" and "the answer".

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