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    "A persona is another you. Their power grows not just through battle with Shadows, but also through through your interaction with others." -- [1]

Each persona is a part of a larger category, called an Arcana. There are 22 Arcana in Persona 3, and 23 in FES (the Aeon Arcana is . Personae have unique attributes (strengths and weaknesses) and can also be fused to make more powerful personae.

[edit] Fool

[edit] Magician

[edit] Priestess

[edit] Empress

[edit] Emperor

[edit] Heirophant

[edit] Lovers

[edit] Chariot

[edit] Justice

[edit] Hermit

[edit] Fortune

[edit] Strength

[edit] Hanged Man

[edit] Death

[edit] Temperance

[edit] Devil

[edit] Tower

[edit] Star

[edit] Moon

[edit] Sun

[edit] Judgement

[edit] Aeon

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