Shining Force II

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Shining Force II
SfIIbox (Shining Force II).jpg
Shining Force II Box art
Developer Sonic! Software Planning
Publisher Sega
Release Date(s) Genesis

JP October 1, 1993
EU July 1994
NA October 19 1994

Virtual Console

JP July 15, 2008
EU October 3, 2008
NA October 6, 2008
Platforms Sega Genesis
Nintendo Wii
Player(s) One
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[edit] Gameplay

Shining Force II is a tactical role-playing game where the player controls a nameable hero. The game is played upon a 2D field where the player may interact with NPCs, and objects to progress the story line.

Battles take place in tactical form where each character is allotted a turn, and a number of space to which they can move. Battle themselves are initiated by targeting an enemy and selecting the attack option. The screen will switch to an isometric view where the character will then perform the action selected. Magic may also be used in this fashion. Each unit has a specified class and as such will have a variety of options available to them. For example, a MAGE can cast magic from afar, whereas a PRST can heal their allies. Choosing where to move units, and how to take on the enemy needs to be carefully considered to ensure that no casualties are taken.

[edit] Plot Synopsis

The plot of Shining Force II begins in the kingdom of Granseal, a prosperous kingdom that watches over the Tower of the Ancients -- An edifice that seals the demon, Zeon. On the introduction to the game, a stormy night heralds ill omen as a crash of lightning appears to strike the tower directly, throwing the sealed doors open and allowing the denizens to escape into the night. Superstitious as to what this might portend, the King of Granseal sends his aide to check on the damage whilst he waits in the throne room, which has recently been thrown into darkness by savage winds snuffing the candles.

In the absence of his minister, the King frets over what the possibility of the event could prove toward the kingdom of Granseal. As he is musing, a shadowy figure appears overhead, descending to rest before the man. The demonic form lashes out, encompassing the king in magic, and all the world goes black.

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