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A Very StarKid Album Cover
Formation 2009
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Genre Theatre
Current Location Chicago, Illinois
YouTube Channel StarKidPotter
Twitter TeamStarKid
FaceBook StarKidPotter

StarKid, otherwise known as Team StarKid or StarKid Productions, is a theatre group formed by and composed of graduates and students of University of Michigan. It is a group that produces their own plays—parodies and originals—with their own script, music, lyrics, songs, choreography, etc. As of now, five of their productions have been posted on YouTube, raking in more than five million views altogether. Their productions are as follows, in chronological order:

On June 7th, 2011, Team StarKid also released their original novel, The Bully Book written by Eric Kahn Gale, that is available for purchase on Amazon. Confirmed during their live chat, they will continue to make musicals.

Their YouTube channel is found under StarKidPotter. They have their own website titled, and their products and merchandise are found at


Actors & Actresses


Little White Lie

A Very Potter Musical

Me and My Dick

A Very Potter Sequel


The Bully Book

Live Performances

Stage Crew/Creative Team

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